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6/29/2020 - 9/6/2020


This 106 Estimating and Bidding 2 online course features hands-on estimating and quantity take off activities associated with Metals, Wood, Doors and Windows, Finishes, Electrical, and Mechanical Estimating.  We will also focus on the preparation of work-place ready estimating documents.

By the end of this online class you should be able to:

Estimate the conceptual cost of structural metals
Prepare quantity take off  and estimate of rough carpentry
Prepare a quantity take off of roofing and waterproofing
Use unit prices to price doors and windows
Prepare quantity take off and estimate various finishes
Prepare a quantity take off and conceptual estimate of mechanical systems
Prepare a quantity take off and conceptual estimate of electrical systems

The Certificate in Construction Estimating program includes this class.


To do well in this 106 estimating and bidding online class you should already have the following skills.
  • Know how to read blueprints
  • Know how to use a spread sheet software such as Microsoft Excel, Numbers (Mac)
  • Have a basic knowledge of construction estimating subjects including:
    • Basic math skills
    • Estimating terminology (quantity take off, unit price, production rate, etc.)
    • Use of the calculator and architectural scale
  • Be able to organize your work so it can be easily understood by others
You should consider taking Introduction to Construction Estimating and/or Construction Blueprint Reading if you feel you need more information in these areas before taking this class.  Those courses are not prerequisites but they will be a part of the Certificate in Construction Estimating.  Estimating and Bidding 1 is not a prerequisite.

Location: Online

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