Event Registration - Associated General Contractors of New Mexico
6/29/2020 - 9/6/2020


This 107 construction materials and processes online course will give the student an overall understanding of materials and methods.  Each week we will study one specific material category, one specific construction process, and an overall construction system.  The student will have the opportunity to expand the studies to include materials and processes which are normally encountered by the student in his/her work place.

In addition the student is expected to research and report on the session materials and processes with respect to sustainable or “green” construction.


By the end of this 107 construction materials and processes online class you should:

  1. Be able to recognize quality control procedures for various materials
  2. Be familiar with material manufacturing processes
  3. Understand the physical limitations of the materials we are studying
  4. Understand how the materials we are studying are used in construction
  5. Know where to find information about materials when needed
  6. Understand the regulatory environment under which materials are manufactured and incorporated into new structures
  7. Know the relevant history of each material
  8. Know the important aspects of how each material is used in construction processes

Location: Online

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