Product Page - APSAC Advisor 30(1): Munchausen by Proxy Special Issue
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APSAC Advisor 30(1): Munchausen by Proxy Special Issue
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Table of Contents: 
  • Introduction to the Special Issue: Munchausen by Proxy: Abusive by Pediatric Condition Falsification, Caregiver-Fabricated Illness in a Children, or Medical Child Abuse Due to Factious Disorder Imposed on Another 
  • Munchausen by Proxy: Clinical and Case Management Guidance 
  • Diagnostic Aid to Identify Simulation and/or Induction: Abuse by Pediatric Condition Falsification/Caregiver-Fabricated Illness in a Child/Medical Child Abuse 
  • Investigation of Medical Child Abuse/Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another
  • Munchausen by Proxy in Educational and Mental Health Settings
  • Munchausen by Proxy: Risk Assessment, Support, and Treatment of Spouses and Other Family Caregivers
  • Child Protective Services Management of Cases of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Due to Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another 
  • The Influence of Electronic and Internet Advances on Munchausen by Proxy