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Abusive Head Trauma Quick Reference
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Sized to fit in a pocket or briefcase, Abusive Head Trauma Quick Reference allows readers to conveniently carry vital information into an examination setting. It contains all of the pertinent information on recognizing injuries, identifying children at risk, and implementing preventive measures, arranged in an easy-to-retrieve format for the professional who needs an immediate reference. In addition to assisting in a medical or social service setting, it also details the application of medical and scientific data to legal investigation and prosecution procedures. Addressing forensic investigation techniques and concerns, signs of intentional injury, findings at autopsy, and issues pertaining to providing expert testimony, Abusive Head Trauma Quick Reference details clearly the many considerations medical and scientific personnel should bear in mind while performing a fatality review. Abusive Head Trauma Quick Reference is an ideal resource for any professional active in the fields of medicine, social services, education, law enforcement, or legal prosecution.

Topics covered include the following:

— The biomechanics of head trauma

— Comprehensive information for diagnosing abusive head trauma in children

— Signs and symptoms of associated injuries

— Evaluation procedures of a child abuse case involving head injury

— Detailed procedures for the management of cases by social service and law enforcement professionals

— Forensic investigation techniques

— Guidelines for prosecutors and expert witnesses involved in the court process

— Common neurodevelopmental outcomes of abusive head trauma