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Child Maltreatment: A Clinical Guide 3E
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The third edition of Child Maltreatment: A Clinical Guide and Reference is an updated and expanded reference volume for professionals involved in the investigation, treatment, and prosecution of child abuse. This comprehensive guide provides evidence-based research on the professional response to physical abuse and neglect, childhood sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and other related forms of child maltreatment. It is an essential tool for medical practitioners, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, social workers, and their multidisciplinary colleagues.

The Child Maltreatment Clinical Guide includes a variety of information on the identification, evaluation, and response to child abuse. It provides guidelines for the identification of abusive injuries, including abusive head trauma, bruises and burns, ophthalmic and oral injuries, and abusive poisoning. It also offers supporting data on cultural aspects of child maltreatment, the role of the federal government in response to and prevention of child abuse, DNA evidence and forensic evidence collection, and prosecutorial issues.