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Child Safety
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Child Safety calls upon the knowledge of expert pediatricians to empower those who care for children and serves as an excellent child safety guide for caregivers. Caregivers are responsible for the health and safety of children, and that responsibility raises concerns and questions that continue to arise throughout a child's development. This pediatric guide addresses those questions with discussions that include basic child safety in the home, selecting childcare providers, the risk of internet for children, and the timely issue of terrorism.

Reviewed by an advisory board of parents and child advocates, Child Safety is written in plain English and is accessible to a diverse range of caregivers. In this child protection book, readers can quickly access safety information using tables and checklists designed to highlight important issues.

This thorough and affordable resource is an important tool for combating safety and health risks, and it equips parents, teachers, nurses, and caregivers with the information they need for child protection.