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Child Sexual Exploitation
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Detailing the different aspects of child sexual exploitation and trafficking, including children victimized through pornography, child prostitution, cyber-enticement, child sex tourism, and human trafficking, Medical, Legal, & Social Science Aspects of Child Sexual Exploitation is an exhaustive resource representing the latest research and wisdom of more than 60 international experts in crimes against children, sexual victimization, exploitation, and trafficking.

This product will be the standard for multidisciplinary team members in the medical evaluation of victims, investigation and prosecution of perpetrators, and the protection of children and teenagers in the 21st century.

The Child Sexual Exploitation CD-ROM is an exhaustive researcher's companion to the two-volume set. Users can browse through tutorials on spotting defects in morphed images, sift through the extensive collection of more than 100 articles and government documents from the United States and abroad, assemble a collection of the best recommended actions to child sexual abuse from federal and local agencies, or create their own training curriculum using slide presentations and case studies of sexual maturation, taxonomy of pornography, and sexually transmitted diseases. The editors have combed through the vast library of knowledge available and have consolidated the most vital information onto this CD-ROM, making it a required companion to the two-volume set.