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Mental Health Issues of Child Maltreatment
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Mental Health Issues of Child Maltreatment offers a wealth of contemporary knowledge on the complex manifestations of developmental trauma and child maltreatment. Examining these issues from a multidisciplinary viewpoint, this text provides the most up-to-date knowledge on the causes and consequences of childhood trauma. The developmental perspective of this volume provides insight into the frequently confusing clinical manifestations of trauma in children exposed to violence. Practical discussions of assessment and intervention for children of different ages and in various systems (eg, school, child welfare, juvenile justice) are included.

This book represents current findings in trends and issues related to the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social, and physical health consequences of childhood trauma. Crucial topics examined in Mental Health Issues in Child Maltreatment include:
- Assessment practices and ethical considerations
- Neurobiology, neuroimaging, and neurodevelopmental impacts related to child maltreatment
- Human trafficking and sexual exploitation
- Familial, communal, and cultural causes of child maltreatment
- Adolescent perpetrators of sexual violence

Mental Health Issues of Child Maltreatment will prove to be a valuable and practical resource for mental health professionals, social workers, law enforcement and legal professionals, and others responsible for the continued safety and well-being of survivors of child maltreatment. It provides vital tools for professionals working alongside victims of maltreatment and includes practical discussions for enhancing assessment and intervention for children of different age groups in schools, child welfare, and the juvenile justice system.