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Sexual Assault Quick Reference 2E
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People of every age, ethnicity, and gender survive sexual assault, and their continued well-being depends upon an informed and responsive network of medical, legal, and social service practitioners. Best practices, accurate diagnoses, and up-to-date treatments administered by these dedicated professionals protect sexual assault patients and hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes. For the safety of survivors and in support of their professional caretakers, Sexual Assault Quick Reference offers comprehensive, accessible guidelines for responding to sexual assault, wherever it occurs.

The revised second edition of Sexual Assault Quick Reference provides updated information on a variety of subjects, all in the same convenient format, including chapters on the physical and forensic evaluation of patients across the life span, identifying and treating STIs (based on the CDC’s 2015 Treatment Guidelines), mental health care for survivors and vicariously traumatized practitioners, and the investigation and prosecution of sexual violence.

To address contemporary issues in a rapidly evolving field of practice, the second edition also offers 4 all-new chapters covering:
— Disclosure processes, medical and mental health care, and legal proceedings for sexual assault in the military
— The nature of human trafficking, common characteristics and identification of trafficked persons, and physical and mental health issues for survivors
— Assessment, documentation, and treatment of injuries sustained via strangulation
— Understanding and responding to online sexual exploitation, including self-exploitation and sexting, online sexual solicitation, and exposure to sexually explicit materials