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Violence Against Women
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Written by professionals in the fields of clinical service and research, Violence Against Women seeks to provide a broad and deep perspective into the current scientific understanding of how men, women, adolescents, and children come to be harmed from intimate partner violence (IPV).

Transcending national, cultural, and socioeconomic boundaries, this text examines a wide range of relationships that come under the heading of intimate partner violence by taking a culturally sensitive, international approach to exploring the issues that underpin family violence issues, dating violence, and injuries children suffer when partners and caregivers perpetrate violence.

As the problem of intimate partner violence and violence against women is not limited to one country or one region of the globe, the authors seek to use a public health perspective that is international in scope to explore the issues. By articulating what is known with certainty, what is suspected, and what areas for future work and intervention are on the horizon throughout the world, this educational resource offers definitive data that can be applied by professionals who work within the context of intimate partner violence worldwide. With authors from health care, social science, law enforcement, and public policy collaborating to provide robust integrated chapters that inform clinical care, social policy, and research workers, the text serves as a single source for the multidisciplinary information that one needs in order to gain a sound understanding of the pernicious problem found in intimate partner violence.