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EPA Moves to Withdraw Approval of Weed Killer Enlist Duo
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Dear AAAA Members,

The EPA has recently filed with the 9th U.S. District Court to withdraw their approval of weed killer, Enlist Duo which is one of the herbicides made by Dow AgroSciences.

Enlist Duo had been accepted for distribution by the EPA as recently as October of 2014 and had been approved for use in several states including Arkansas. This was before further evaluations showed that one of the components, 2,4-D tested as a carcinogen with alleged serious negative effects on human health as well as certain endangered animal species.

Dow was reported as saying that it is working with the EPA to provide assurance that the product is safe and that these new evaluations “will result in a prompt resolution of all outstanding issues.”

The EPA has not made any decisions as to whether or not those who do use Enlist Duo will be held liable. This will almost certainly be a topic of future litigation though, according to Andrew Kimbrell of the Centers for Food and Safety.

Published: 12/04/15

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