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Collection Systems Webinar - Register Now!
Join us for a webinar on November 8, 2017 at NOON! NASSCO’s 4-Step Industry Education Approach; From Assessment to Inspection
Published: 10/11/17

CWEA and MABA - Free Biosolids Webinar - Register NOW!
Join us for a webinar on October 19th at NOON!
Published: 10/06/17

Stormwater, Too Simple? SAVE THE DATE
Are stormwater design parameters and methods keeping up with the times? Have we oversimplified stormwater design? Are current standards adequately addressing the multitude of water quality challenges that municipalities are faced with?

Join the CWEA Storwater Committee as we explore these topics and more. The Fall Seminar will initiate a dialogue on current methods and design parameters for stormwater management and whether or not they adequately address quality and quantity control. We will discuss pros and cons of current stormwater management requirements and propose solutions.
December 13, 2017

Published: 10/03/17