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Stormwater Seminar - Register NOW!
This year’s CWEA Spring Stormwater Seminar will provide attendees the opportunity for peer-to-peer information exchange with representatives of regulated stormwater programs to learn how MS4s are meeting the daunting challenge of meeting NPDES and Chesapeake Bay TMDL requirements within a short timeframe and provide lessons learned.
Published: 04/26/17

FREE WEBINAR - April 20th
Please join CWEA's Plant O&M Committee for this 1-hour webinar to present:
Using Process Simulation or Virtual Treatment Plant Models for Cost-Effective Training of WWTP Operators.
Wastewater utilities are faced with the triple challenge of dealing with 1) tightening regulations and increasing complexity of treatment 2) the loss of an ageing, but highly experienced workforce, and 3) optimizing their operations while also meeting regulatory constraints.
Industries that are faced with similar challenges (such as the nuclear and aviation industry), use high fidelity simulators that replicate realistic operational environments for training and optimization. This webinar will discuss a process simulator that creates a realistic virtual plant environment for wastewater operations. We will review case studies that demonstrate how the platform has been used for cost effectively training facility staff and used for supporting process optimization and cost savings.
Our Speaker is Rajeev Goel, Ph.D. P.Eng., President of Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. Rajeev has over 20 years of experience in water and wastewater field. He specializes in wastewater modeling and development of wastewater simulation tools.
Webinar attendees can obtain 1 professional development hour credit to fulfill the state of Maryland professional engineer continuing professional competency requirements.
Published: 04/12/17

Spring Meeting Registration is now OPEN!
Join us for 2017 Annual Joint Spring Meeting of CSAWWA and CWEA! Program includes technical presentations with focus on Climate Change and Resiliency, Water Taste Test, announcement of associations 2017-2018 Slate of Officers, the CWEA Student Design Competition, vendor displays, Happy Hour, and plenty of networking!
Published: 04/06/17

Plant O&M & Biosolids Committee Jointly Organizes Tour at Blue Plains
Tour of DC Water's Biosolids Processing Facilities at Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. Learn first hand from DC Water's O&M Team. Seats are limited to 50!
Published: 04/03/17