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Grass Valley North Parcel Clean Up
Scope: Removal of all dead wood, standing trees and debris on the ground. Removal of dead branches up to 15 ft (approximate). Project Awarded to Cumorah Tree Service. Work to commence week of October 22nd. This project is now completed.
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Access 31 Drainage Improvement
Scope: Modify drainage along Access 31 to divert flow under the trail into the lake. Goal: To minimize erosion and debris litter on the trail and nearby piers/patios. 11/28/2012: The project is complete.
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Tavern Bay Beach Club Renovation
Tavern Bay Beach Club Master Plan - Phase IV Scope: Existing snack bar/restroom building to be remodeled and repositioned in a north-south alignment, providing more open space where the former playground was located. The playground site will be developed into a sun deck/seating area with a plexi-glass wind break. Additional pavers and landscaping will be installed, as will an outdoor shower and viewing telescope.
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