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Watershed Committee
IWEA's Watershed Management Committee focuses on recommending, developing, and conducting activities that broaden the understanding of watershed management and preserving and enhancing the Illinois water environment. The Committee meets periodically throughout the year to share news, tools and resources, and ways to get involved in Illinois watershed management. The Committee's diverse membership meets via conference call to provide updates on regulations, watershed group initiatives, funding sources, challenges and implementation successes. The Committee also organizes workshops and seminars for IWEA members, regulatory agencies, and local watershed organizations to collaborate on current water quality challenges and share ideas and information.

The Committee has taken the lead in clarifying permit conditions in the State's municipal stormwater permit (MS4 Permit). The Committee hosts quarterly conference calls with Illinois EPA staff to field questions and discuss implementation options.

The Committee also provides information about Illinois watershed groups to others interested in watershed management. These statewide watershed groups work within their local watersheds to improve water quality through public education, implementation projects, monitoring and assessment, and advocacy. The information provided for each watershed group includes:
Water quality issues
Implementation measures and achievements
Primary Contact:
Lindsay Birt, PhD
Committees Member Information
Lindsay Birt
Huff & Huff Inc
Gunilla Goulding
(Board Liaison)
Mr Mike Atkinson
Advanced Mobile Filtration Services LLC
Daniel Bounds
Baxter & Woodman Inc
Mr. Tyler Carpenter
Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission
Deanna Doohaluk
Mary Beth Falsey
Tyler Heath
Stephen Mccracken
Branden Powell
Quigg Engineering Inc.
Karoline Qasem
Cindy Skrukrud
Sierra Club
Scott Tompkins
Illinois EPA