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Ad Title: Administrative Manager - Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Post Date: 10/16/17
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Under administrative direction, is responsible for planning, managing, developing work rules, training, coordinating, and administering all activities and personnel of such staff positions as administration, citizen participation, research, and finance, and manages such personnel as are assigned to specific functions in the performance of the necessary duties. Performs other job-related duties as required.
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Ad Title: Assistant Clinical Professor of Justice Studies (with Intelligence focus)
Location: Northern Arizona University (Phoenix, AZ campus)
Post Date: 09/07/17
Contact: Dr. Cindy Scott, EdD
State: AZ
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Northern Arizona University is conducting a nationwide search to fill a clinical, non-tenure track position in our Justice Studies program. This is a nine-month position at the rank of Assistant Clinical Professor, based out of the NAU East Valley office, located in Mesa, AZ. It is a one-year position and renewal is based on successful annual review and continued funding of the position.

Arizona residency is required by the start of the contract and continual residence in Arizona is required. Some travel for meetings, recruitment efforts, and other job-related duties is an expectation of the position, as well as working with agencies in the intelligence and justice communities.

Job Description

The Justice Studies program offers applied, professional degree plans and certificates tailored to the needs of non-traditional students. To serve the goals of this applied program, all Justice Studies faculty have practitioner experience and advanced degrees, and maintain a commitment to helping students successfully enter or promote in the justice and intelligence studies fields. Within the bachelor’s degree plan, students pursue an emphasis in criminal justice administration or intelligence studies.

The position is expected to teach and develop online courses in the online Justice Studies program; however, some face-to-face teaching may be required in support of the unit’s academic outreach to place-bound students. A demonstrated connectedness to the criminal justice field is expected. The program provides university-level educational opportunities to community college and military transfer students, and in-service professionals working in all parts of the justice system including police agencies, the courts, corrections, intelligence, and other justice-related agencies. Research is encouraged, but is not an expectation for this position. A successful annual review is dependent on a demonstrated connectedness to the discipline, positive teaching reviews and department service. The faculty member is expected to serve on departmental and campus committees, remain connected to the criminal justice and intelligence fields, assist with program and course development, mentor and oversee part-time faculty members, and mentor and advise students. Summer and winter term teaching is available for additional compensation.

For more information and to apply, visit

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Ad Title: Crime Analyst
Location: Cleburne, TX.
Post Date: 07/11/17
Contact: Amber Bransom
City: Cleburne
State: TX
Zip: 76031
Phone (W): 8176450945
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The purpose of this position is to provide timely and pertinent information relative to crime and crash patterns as well as trends; to assist operational and administrative personnel in planning the deployment of resources prevention and suppression of criminal activities; aiding the investigative process by providing information which helps increase the timely apprehension of offenders and the clearance of cases.

The position will research, compile, analyze and interpret statistical data from a variety of sources including offense and arrest reports, crash reports and citations, census, economic and demographic reports and related data; research and track modus operandi factors and discern crime series or patterns by studying and linking common spatial and temporal factors and following up by reporting information at patrol briefings, COMPSTAT, command staff, city council and in public forums. Work involves extensive reading, data analyses and development of links between criminals and crime groups. Reports and charts are developed to be disseminated to the Department.

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Ad Title: Crime Analyst
Location: Peoria, AZ
Post Date: 10/22/17
State: AZ
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The purpose of this position is to collect, analyze, interpret, and integrate crime, staffing, and deployment, performance, and related quantitative and qualitative data, and support investigations and related programs. Performs complex statistical and analytical research involving the use of computer applications, random statistical samplings, correlation and regression analysis, and probability studies; develops reports and materials; develops links regarding pattern detection, crime and criminals, terrorist and organized crime, social and demographic factors within communities; maps crime, shows correlations, and analyzes crime specifics; works with other city police departments on crime issues; updates and tracks department gang and intelligence files; presents reports to the department; completes special tasks or projects as required.

Essential Functions

This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions does not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent in this position. Additionally, please be aware of the legend when referring to the physical demands of each essential function. Please go to the link below under Job Requirements to view the essential functions of the job in the complete job description.

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Ad Title: DigitalStakeout Intelligence Analyst
Location: Atlanta (Alpharetta), Georgia
Post Date: 08/01/17
Contact: Jamie Roush
City: Alpharetta
State: GA
Zip: 30022
Phone (W): 470-234-1524
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DigitalStakeout, digital risk intelligence company, located in Atlanta (Alpharetta), Georgia seeks Intelligence Analyst for immediate hire.

DigitalStakeout is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that performs analysis of Internet data to detect threats and vulnerabilities to brands, customers and employees. We are a team of experienced professionals in big data, data science, cyber security, and risk management. DigitalStakeout has pioneered technology and methodologies that have defined how to detect & mitigate digital risk by analyzing social, deep, and dark web data.

Monitor social, deep and dark web w/ DigitalStakeout tools for threats to customers
Curate and support the maintenance of DigitalStakeout knowledge-base.
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Ad Title: Forensic Intelligence Analyst CS_13
Location: Department of Forensic Sciences
Post Date: 10/23/17
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Job Summary
This position is located in the Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS). The mission of the DFS is to provide high-quality, timely, accurate, and reliable forensic science services using best practices and best available technology, focusing on unbiased science and transparency, to enhance public safety and health.

The position is responsible for gathering DC crime intelligence from all types of public and law enforcement media, coordinating and consolidating all of the necessary information and correspondence (e-mails, phone calls, electronic transmissions, paper submissions, etc.) related to the testing requests of physical forensic evidence submitted to the DFS and generating statistical reports as part of the Forensic Intelligence Unit (FIU) under the Forensic Science Laboratory Division (FSL).

The work ranges from administrative to qualitative and quantitative analyses of laboratory caseworks (i.e., case triage, schedule of analysis, Chain of Custody of evidence, maintenance of communication logs, etc.), information technology of forensic science software, and systems and reporting.

The results of the work affects the agency’s credibility, adequacy, accuracy, and effectiveness in field investigations, forensic laboratory tests, and ensures its relevancy to the case to assist with closure. The results of work are also binding and may affect the judicial proceedings


Receives and reviews requests for analysis from DFS stakeholders and contributors.

Provides support in coordinating evidence transfers to and between forensic units within the DFS.

Enhances customer service by communicating with internal and external customers on requests for analysis from stakeholders and contributors and managing FSL intelligence related correspondence.

Maintains manual and electronic case management logs. Keeps abreast of current mayoral initiatives and crime trends and tracks the resolutions of cases that receive media attention.

Plans and carries out procedural and technical processes and coordinates cross jurisdiction work efforts with other divisions, agencies, and/or institutions as necessary. Exercises initiative while developing solutions to both common and complex technical and procedural problems.

Keeps abreast of current industry, scientific, and regulatory developments and issues; communicates strategies to accommodate change; and leads in preparing clear, concise, technically competent, and regulatory compliant reports and presentations.

Utilizes, coordinates, and generate reports using specialized software on multiple computer platforms.

Gathers documentation of division priorities for managerial data-driven performance metrics and validates the data generated from computer platforms reflecting the division’s existing workload.

Understands the difference and provides assistance with internal, external, and grant-related metrics.

Performs other related duties as assigned.
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst (Watch Analyst)
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Post Date: 10/16/17
Contact: Matthew H. Pecoraro
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Tracking Code
Job Description
Halfaker and Associates, an award winning high growth small business, creates innovative and customer-centric technology solutions in the areas of Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Software Engineering and IT Infrastructure to improve the health, security and well-being of all Americans. Our commitment to excellence and our vision to “Continue to Serve” has resulted in steady growth and an expanding client base across government agencies in the health, defense, security and intelligence sectors. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, we have employees nationwide and were recently named a 2017 Top Work Place by the Washington Post. Please take a moment to browse through our website and learn more about what it means to serve with Halfaker.

Halfaker has an opening for an Intelligence Analyst (Watch Analyst) to join our talented, dynamic team. The key responsibilities for this position include:
Prepare technical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends
Follows up reports with meaningful interaction with appropriate government and other contractor representatives
Works closely with private industry and/or other government agencies to gain necessary information and directs personnel to appropriate action with regard to information generation and other communication priorities
Coordinate with the National Operations Center (NOC), Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP), National Cyber Communications and Integrations Center (NCCIC), and other government agencies and Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (CIKR) owners & operators
Participate in tests and exercises to maintain preparedness and improve coordination; supervise others actions during exercises and provide feedback and after action reporting
During incidents, triage information from a variety of resources and conduct initial analysis of the incidents and events
During major incidents or events, collect and review input to national-level situational awareness
Serve as a 24x7 customer service interface for CIKR partners by collecting (via email and phone), tracking, and facilitating responses to requests for information and assistance
Conduct daily teleconferences with CIKR stakeholders
Provide access to approved DHS situation reports, bulletins, press releases, and other important documents to serve industry partner’s continuity-of-business information needs
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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst - DC Fusion Center
Location: Washington, DC
Post Date: 10/19/17
City: Washington
State: DC
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This position is located in the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (DC HSEMA), Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center (WRTAC). The mission of DC HSEMA is to support and coordinate homeland security and emergency management efforts, ensuring that the District of Columbia’s all-hazards emergency operations are prepared to protect against, plan for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made hazards. DC HSEMA assumes the continuity of government during and following major disasters. The mission is accomplished in partnership with District, federal, and regional agencies, as well as many private sector organizations.

This position provides intelligence support and information dissemination to members of local and federal homeland security agencies throughout the District of Columbia, National Capital Region (NCR), and other similar centers in the United States. The work involves the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of information on political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, or scientific conditions, and trends and forces in domestic areas that directly and indirectly affect the security of the NCR.

-Communicates regularly and effectively (orally and in writing) with a range of international, federal, state, local, private sector, academic, non-governmental (NGO), and professional association entities. Provide rapid response to ad hoc requests from decision makers (e.g., special intelligence analyses or personal briefings). Provides deconfliction services for first responders.

-Assists in the development of analytical tools and methodologies to fill present gaps and address future gaps. Assist in determining and defining essential elements of information required and the most effective method for collection efforts. Helps to plan, coordinate, and conduct the collection and analysis of strategic and tactical intelligence.

-Maintain continuous liaison with diverse homeland security organizations, states, regional operational watch centers, and national intelligence community organizations. Maintain an in-depth understanding of foreign and domestic terrorist threats facing the District of Columbia.
-Provide technical support to the District of Columbia’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (DCIPP), including the development of private sector cooperation strategies.

-Assists in planning and establishing short and long-range collection requirements, and initiates new administrative procedures in fusion intelligence collection. Assesses unforeseen developments, new phenomena, and difficulties encountered and recommend changes in direction and approach.
-Ensure customer/stakeholder understanding of their role in the intelligence cycle and the importance of information-sharing. Anticipates customer/stakeholder intelligence needs through the identification of intelligence gaps associated with terrorism threats.

-Maintains awareness of key customer/stakeholder information needs through both direct contact and research. Identifies and prioritizes intelligence gaps and communicates them to customers/stakeholders. Cultivates and maintains a current and thorough understanding of assigned subject matter, to include awareness of other agency activities related to assigned subject matter portfolio.

-Reviews reported tips and leads for threat information and situational awareness, including determining location, activity, and reporting trends. Assist in exploring anomalies, new developments, and trends that threaten the security of the NCR.

Compares and contrasts new data with information already in intelligence databases; seeks corroborative data; assesses individual pieces of information in the context of broader assessments or operations; and disseminates significant intelligence, as appropriate.

Ideal Candidates must have
-Thorough knowledge of law enforcement, criminal intelligence, counter-terrorism, and other federal and local intelligence agencies through the National Capital Region (NCR) and other similar centers throughout the United States.

-Thorough knowledge of homeland security and emergency management policies, procedures. Ability to apply relevant laws, statutes, and regulations associated with the overall mission.

-Thorough knowledge of the intelligence process to include the intelligence cycle and intelligence from a criminal or defense community. Thorough knowledge of operational planning in law enforcement, emergency management, and fire service under emergency circumstances. Thorough knowledge of law enforcement as it relates to the intelligence process.

-Ability to research, synthesize, and analyze large amounts of data from diverse, sometimes conflicting, sources of information from international, federal, state, local, private sector, academic, NGO, professional association, and other relevant entities. Ability to extract issues of particular relevance to the NCR from international and national terrorist events.

-Ability to work cross-programmatically in a team environment and to navigate varying cultures of federal and state/local partners. Ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of colleagues from disparate disciplines.

-Excellent oral and written communication skills to understand and articulate customer/stakeholder information needs, as well as anticipate and proactively address unarticulated information needs, and to prepare and present recommendations, conclusions, and solutions regarding complex issues based on analysis and evaluation, including the preparation and presentations of reports, proposals, etc.

-Performs other related duties as assigned.

The incumbent is subject to work call-back to support critical or emergency situations and subject to work night and weekends hours, contingent upon organizational need.

Duration of Appointment: This is a Term Appointment Position. Not to Exceed (NTE) thirteen (13) months.

Collective Bargaining Unit (Union): This position is in a collective bargaining unit, and you may be required to pay an agency service fee through direct payroll deduction.

Salary is $76,000 to $97,000.

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Ad Title: Intelligence Analyst I
Location: San Diego
Post Date: 09/12/17
Contact: Karen Furtado
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip: 92126
San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC)
Intelligence Analyst I
(All positions are dependent on year-to-year federal grant funding)
Full time position at $18.19 hourly pay, plus benefits. This pay represents the start of the pay range for this classification.
This announcement will remain open until positions are filled.

For the San Diego Fusion Center as Intelligence Analyst I for positions in the SD-LECC Watch Center; however, they may be assigned to other areas of responsibility.

Job Description: Compile, analyze, evaluate, correlate, and disseminate criminal intelligence and case/event deconfliction information to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; disseminate summaries of analytical results; work in fastpaced, sometimes stressful conditions that promote officer safety and deconfliction; answer large volume of telephone calls from law enforcement officers; enter large volumes of data into law enforcement databases. This is an at-will position and dependent upon year-to-year federal grant funding.
An eligibility list will be created from this process that could be used for up to one year to fill future Intelligence Analyst I vacancies at the SD-LECC.
The applicant must pass a law enforcement background investigation and qualify for a federal security clearance.
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Ad Title: Investigative Analyst
Location: Boston, MA.
Post Date: 10/11/17
Contact: Human Resources
City: Boston
State: MA
Zip: 02110
Phone (W): 617-439-0439
Website: visit our website...
Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts is seeking an investigative analyst to assist in the research of hotline telephone calls of suspected fraudulent insurance transactions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The selected individual will also perform supervised analysis, review case material, extract and compile factual data, and produce analytically sound summary tables, reports and charts; as well as maintain customized databases for collected data to facilitate collation, retrieval and tracking of source documents.

Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of two years experience in the field of criminal justice, intelligence or insurance. A working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, graphics and database software is required. Written and verbal communication skills are essential. All respondents must have experience in handling confidential matters and the ability to satisfy an extensive personal background check.

Interested applicants may submit cover letter and resume by U.S Mail or Email to:

Insurance Fraud Bureau of MA
101 Arch Street
Boston, MA 02110
No phone calls or walk-ins please.

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Ad Title: Police Analytics Specialist, Halton Regional Police
Location: Oakville, ON Canada
Post Date: 10/22/17
Website: visit our website...
The Halton Regional Police is a progressive Service that is stepping forward as a leader in the emerging field of police analytics. We are seeking a Police Analytics Specialist (Continuing/ Permanent Full time) with experience in statistics, business analysis, SQL, and web development using PHP. You will be playing a critical role in our small but fast paced office as we help to advance the discipline of data-driven law enforcement analysis. This is a rewarding position for an ambitious analyst with excellent problem solving skills.

About Halton Regional Police Service

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) is proud to serve the residents of Halton and is dedicated to providing proactive, reactive and preventative policing strategies to the growing communities of Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills. According to recent demographic trends, Halton Region is experiencing the 3rd fastest population increase in the Greater Toronto Area.

We offer a competitive benefits package which include but is not limited to healthcare benefits (i.e. dental, vision care), paid leave (i.e. annual vacation and designated holidays (13)) and pension plan – Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement Systems (O.M.E.R.S.)

Please Note:
All applications must be submitted to the Service's on-line system to be considered for this vacancy.
Initial applications to our Service requires a two step process. Initial registration on the system and one for an application to a specific position.

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Ad Title: Program Manager I - Crime Analysis
Location: San Jose, CA
Post Date: 10/22/17
State: CA
Website: visit our website...
The mission of the San Jose Police Department is to create safe places to live, work and learn through community partnerships.

Positions & Duties

The San José Police Department (SJPD) is recruiting to fill the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) Program Manager position which falls under the Bureau of Technical Services (BTS) and reports directly to the Deputy Director. The CAU Program Manager is responsible for researching and preparing complex reports and handling specialized projects which address inter-Departmental issues and intergovernmental topics. The Crime Analysis team analyzes crime data, produces crime related reports, and ensures accurate and timely reporting of crime data to the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other City departments and police management.

Under the direction of the BTS Deputy Director, the Crime Analysis Program Manager is responsible for managing all functions of the Crime Analysis Unit by performing work of considerable difficulty in planning, coordinating, and directing the utilization of complex computerized systems for crime analysis functions; insures the accuracy and integrity of the various databases; provides management support and specialized expertise to users of crime data, systems analysts, and operations personnel.

The essential functions of this position are as follows:

Plan, implement, and manage the Crime Analysis Unit and staff by establish objectives; maintain project timelines for various projects; ensure efficient utilization of resources; and administer program budget.
Establish and/or direct the development of detailed procedures to retrieve, integrate, and analyze crime data, including data sharing and data transfer.
Perform complex statistical analyses to monitor crime levels throughout the City and to support strategic deployment of police resources.
Summarize statistics into concise reports for review by the Mayor and Council and subcommittees, City Manager's Office and Police Command personnel.
Supervise subordinates and professional staff in a manner which they are able to prioritize assigned work; conduct performance evaluations, and ensure that staff member(s) are properly trained.
Anticipate, plan and implement actions to solve problems effectively.
Performs other related work as required.

This recruitment may be used to fill multiple positions in this, or other divisions or departments. If you are interested in employment in this classification, you should apply to ensure you are considered for additional opportunities that may utilize the applicants from this recruitment.
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Ad Title: Public Safety Technician - Crime Analysis
Location: Gilbert, AZ Police Department
Post Date: 09/21/17
City: Gilbert
State: AZ
Zip: 85296
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The Crime Analysis Technician reports to the Police Sergeant assigned to Investigation Intelligence. The primary function of this position is to prepare information, referencing crime statistics, series and investigations, and support the Crime Analysts in evaluating the most efficient use of police resources to solve, predict and prevent crime.

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Ad Title: Regional Wildlife Crime Analyst
Location: Hanoi, Viet Nam or Bangkok, Thailand
Post Date: 10/03/17
Contact: Scott Roberton
Phone (W): +84 (0)435149750
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Scope of work:
The Regional Wildlife Crime Analyst will provide analysis of wildlife trafficking cases to identify patterns and emerging trends aiding investigative efforts of WCS CWT programs in Asia and our government counterparts with a view to identifying wildlife trafficking syndicates and producing high-quality intelligence products with recommendations to WCS CWT leadership and partnering law enforcement agencies for consideration of enforcement and capacity building initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Conduct regional intelligence analysis and produce tactical intelligence reports in a timely manner to support and guide investigations by WCS and government counterparts;
• Using analytical tools, identify central wildlife trafficking syndicates and individuals and their associated gangs and front companies as well as their trafficking modus operandi, routes and means of transportation;
• Publish analytical products for WCS CWT leadership and provide informational briefings outlining findings and recommendations to guide WCS strategies and interventions to combat wildlife trafficking;
• Oversee the deployment of the WCS Global Wildlife Crime Intelligence platform in Asia ensuring system security, support country deployments, dealing with service providers; and in collaboration with the Office of Strategic Technology managing the centralized i2 infrastructure;
• Strengthen capacity of WCS analysts on core skills and new analytical methods/tools;
• Support the strategic development of, and the management of risks in relation to CWT technology services;
• Support WCS programs to empower and build support in national government for CWT intelligence-led approaches;
• Provide inputs to assist fund-raising efforts for WCS’s programs on wildlife trafficking in Asia, identifying and enhancing support from existing and new sources, assisting in development of proposals and reports, building relationships with funders; and
• Summarize work efforts, meetings, project statuses, and accomplishments in the form of monthly activity reports.

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Ad Title: Senior Claims Investigator Job Posting
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Post Date: 10/05/17
Contact: Jeff Smith
City: Waterloo, Ontario
State: ON
Zip: N2J4C7
Phone (W): 519-904-8549
Website: visit our website...
- Conduct investigations with a focus on thoroughness and quality, with attention to detail, timeliness and cost control on all types of health and dental claims for fraud and abuse (within published service standards)
- Interview plan sponsors, plan members, providers and facility owners by telephone and in person to obtain missing information, conduct audits, and thoroughly investigate cases or alleged fraud
- Assists in the development and training of the claim staff to make them aware of the red flags they should look for on the claims they process
- Responding to client and plan member inquiries regarding the investigation process and specific claims details, and deal with upset clients
-Prepare police briefs when required
- Perform onsite visits with practitioners and facilities
Contribute to regulatory and criminal complaint process
- Review claims with medical and dental consultants
- Work closely with the health and dental claims staff and managers to effectively manage claim investigations
- Contribute to the continuous process improvement and identify improvement opportunities within SIU and Group Benefits.
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Ad Title: SFPD Crime Analyst I -1822 Administrative Analyst
Location: San Francisco, CA
Post Date: 08/14/17
Website: visit our website...
The Crime Analyst I  incorporates research methodologies, statistical analysis, data analysis, forecasting, trending  and GIS mapping strategies that result in the development, preparation and compilation of crime trends and patterns to disseminate information through a variety of reports  and makes recommendations related to potential crimes, location of future crimes, possible suspects and forecasting of future criminal events. This journey level position requires an individual with a range of skills including technical ability, analytical thinking, and interpersonal skills. It requires appropriate handling of sensitive information, multi-tasking and prioritization skills. In all areas self-initiative and innovative thinking are preferred and encouraged.
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Ad Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies
Location: Mercyhurst University
Post Date: 08/07/17
City: Erie
State: PA
Zip: 16546
Website: visit our website...
Job Description

Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA, invites applications for two one-year visiting assistant professorships in the Department of Intelligence Studies of the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences for the 2018-2019 academic year. The first of the two positions at the Erie campus begins spring semester 2018 and the other, fall semester 2018. Each position is a one-year appointment. Both have the possibility of renewal as a full-time tenure-track faculty position.

Job Summary

Successful candidates will teach introductory and applied courses in intelligence analysis at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and have the opportunity to teach and manage undergraduate or graduate courses and projects in two or more of the following areas:

Strategic Intelligence
Writing/Intelligence Briefing
Introduction to Intelligence
Military Intelligence
National Security
Competitive Intelligence
Leadership in Intelligence
Geospatial intelligence
Law Enforcement Intelligence
Anti-money laundering analysis for financial institutions

In addition to instruction, duties will include curriculum development, service to the profession, and participation in University and Ridge College activities including student mentoring, development of internship and employment opportunities, and grant or contractual work with the Ridge College’s Institute. The selected candidate must demonstrate a commitment to teaching excellence, continued learning in their field, academic scholarship, and public scholarship.

The Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences brings together complementary academic disciplines that stress critical thinking, data analysis and collaborative decision-making. Serving as a Center of Excellence for distance and online learning, the Ridge College takes the lead in exploring, designing and developing new ways to deliver professional education. A Ridge College education helps make sense of the complex behaviors of people, organizations and governments through the application of principles, theories and technologies in innovative and exciting ways. More information on the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences at Mercyhurst University is available at
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