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Register NOW for Inspector Training & Certification Program (ITCP)
CWEA partners with NASSCO to offer CIPP ITCP training. Two convenient locations - WSSC and Baltimore County.
Published: 02/09/17

Young Professionals Social
Come join us for the First CWEA YP Social of 2017! Come and network!
Published: 02/09/17

Amendment of the CWEA Bylaws
Since the Annual Business Meeting the Bylaws Committee has taken the proposed Bylaws changes and incorporated several topics not addressed previously.
If you are a member of CWEA, you should have received a postage prepaid ballot to cast your vote for or against adoption of the proposed Amendment to the CWEA Bylaws. If you do not receive a ballot by February 14, 2017, you may contact Alan Will at or on 301-908-8096.

Published: 02/08/17

CWEA and MABA - Free Biosolids Webinar - Register NOW!
The Biosolids and Residual Management Committee is excited present this free webinar in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association.
Published: 02/02/17

Stormwater Webinar - Registration is FREE!
Interested in learning more about how residential outreach and engagement programs can help MS4s meet nutrient TMDL targets? 
Published: 02/02/17