Are Your Members Opening and Reading Your Emails?

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Are Your Members Opening and Reading Your Emails?

Everyone’s inbox is flooded with so many emails these days. Some are relevant, while others are just junk.

Even if your email’s subject is catchy but clear enough to entice your members to open it, only 20% of your members will probably open your emails.

If they actually open your emails, you only have a few seconds for them to:

  • quickly scan your email,
  • decide if they want to read it in its entirety, so
  • it is important that you clearly display your call to action at the top, not the bottom.

If there is content you really, really want them to read, try:

  • bold text
  • bullets, which are easier to scan than content in a paragraph format, or
  • short sentences that get right to the point.

It is also important to know your audience. If you are a trade association, professionally write to your members in their language. If you are a casual organization, you don’t need to be so formal.

You can learn more tips from Rebecca Turner, Senior Account Executive, Marketing General Incorporated, in her How to Write Copy Your Audience Will Read article.

Want a higher open rate? You should consider sending broadcast text messages, which have a much higher open rate - 98% within 15 minutes of receiving them.