Client Testimonials

American College of Correctional Physicians

Great! Highly recommend to other member associations. Very responsive team, easy to work with. ProsVery user friendly for both administrative and members. Layout is nice, database is easy to use. Members appreciate the ease of use. Has cut down on my work load too.

Had some troubles with reporting functions but was not their fault. They helped by adding criteria we wanted and it works fine! I have not other cons to report.

Benefits include ease of membership sign ups and renewals. Easy event registrations, etc

Kelly Hess, Assistant Executive Director

Therapeutic Assessment Institute

The MemberLeap team was very helpful and responsive to my questions. I like it's member interaction software and interface with Quickbooks. I like the videos and find that most tools are intuitive to figure out how to use. My only frustration is the amount I personally have to do since I we are a small organization and do not have a webmaster.

Pamela Schaber, Psychologist

United Aviation Association

System works great and is very user friendly. Customer service is very quick to answer whenever we have any questions. It was easy to learn the system. Have not found any cons yet with this software. Veith is always there to help when we have a question.

Laura Swanson, Member Services Coordinator

Brentwood Homeowners Association

Great app for consolidation of data and communication for our association. Consolidated the functions of Filemaker, Constant Contact and Wordpress, making it one stop shopping! The customer service team is fast, friendly and efficient. The admin (menu) is a little complex and almost has too many functions. They need to streamline the look and font formats to make it more user friendly. The good news is they're updating everyday and take suggestions. Consolidation of several other softwares so only have to use one now.

Lisa Robinson, Membership Administrator

Wyoming Optometric Association

Vieth has been a positive experience for me. I find it user friendly and easy to use. It supports my association with relevant tools without being cumbersome and overly difficult. It takes some learning to understand how to use it. But customer service and technical support is always there to help.

Cari Kline, Executive Director

The Association of Energy Engineers, Kansas City Chapter

Excellent Service Staff!!! Pros their software include ease of use; member management portal has a lot of power; the service after implementation is amazing.

Jerry Casey, VP, Energy Development

South Dakota Optometric Society

Five stars across the board for MemberLeap. The customer support rocks. MemberLeap streamlined our office procedure and provides a professional interface for our members. MemberLeap software is totally user friendly, for both the administrator and our members. The "look" is professional. Training is very thorough. Requests for help are answered promptly. My only complaint is that my learning curve is steep! Live training sessions can be overwhelming because there is a lot of ground to cover, but there are online tutorials to help fill in the blanks.

Deb Mortenson, Executive Director

Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education

I did lots of research when switching from MemberClicks (really bad experience with them) and landed upon MemberLeap - love them! Huge value for your money and the best customer support. The admin side is confusing to use at first, but it does get easier to use by the day. From a member standpoint, things are simple and easy to find. Our website looks 100,000 times better after working with MemberLeap. Highly recommended!

Emily Thomas, Former Assistant Director and Membership Manager

Sonoran Arts League

MemberLeap provides excellent customer support. They respond promptly and effectively. Highly Recommended.

John Peeke-Vout, Member Board of Director - IT

DOVIA Colorado

We are a state-wide organization that provides professional development for the field of volunteer engagement through networking, idea exchanges, trainings, and an annual conference. We use this website to manage our membership, communicate with our members, and market our trainings and annual conference. The site allows for public pages and pages for member access only.

Vieth's web designers worked with us to build the site and the appropriate pages. The back end is very user friendly and intuitive. It is easy to navigate, change, add or update information. The event registration module allows complete customization. All of the modules have robust reports. The built in 'Help' system is very complete and easy to access. Their customer support is unparalleled. Email queries are answered swiftly and unlike many other web sites the staff answer the phone to help solve issues.

I would recommend this business and their talented group to any organization looking to build a new or redesign an existing site.

Sarah Christian

Crane Certification Association of America

Our biggest challenge with managing our website and membership was 'funneling all membership information into one system.' MemberLeap helped solve this problem with its 'membership management tool and integration of QuickBooks.' With regard to the development process, 'I felt like the agents were very responsive to my needs and were very receptive to my suggestions. Easy to work with.'

Jesse Kramer

The Kentucky Center for Mathematics

We really appreciate all of your help. We know that sometimes we ask for the moon, but we continue to be in awe of your outstanding customer service, attention to detail, quick response time, and excellent programming work.

We truly are just so thrilled with VIETH Consulting as a whole – we couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. I mean it!

All of you have been excellent throughout the years and continue to be outstanding. As always, you all are the best! Many, many thanks.

Mandy McDonough, Communications & Events Coordinator

Capital Area Manufacturing Council

The old website was very difficult to edit. Information was outdated and in many cases impossible to change. In addition, there was no membership management tool. All communications had to be done through outside sources.

Updating the website is easy! Communicating with members is easy! Love the design, love the service!

Everyone at Vieth has been very helpful, very responsive and incredibly professional.

Michelle Cordano, Executive Director

Michigan Downtown Association

Our biggest challenge was consolidating about five different online pages/sites with membership info and benefits into one site. Basically managing all of our member info in one area. Vieth consolidated all of our various pages/sites -- email, a members forum, members roster and more -- to one site.

The customer service at Vieth has been stellar. The online video tutorials are a great help, too. Great company to work with; answers questions promptly; easy to follow instructions and prompts.

Pros of their system include: ease of use; functionality; customer-friendly; customizable; includes needed and necessary functions to provide our members with the information they need.

Web designs could be a bit more fluid and less static. Still, the design is a customizable template and is easy to use. I would like to see unique design features.

Tiffany S.

International Association for Continuing Engineering Education

Thank you to the entire Vieth team for working with IACEE over the years. Your responsiveness, insights and quality are wonderful and together makes for a great team.

Nelson Baker, Ph.D., Past President and Secretary General

Greater Texoma Association of Realtors

Our biggest challenge with managing our website and membership was that "I knew nothing and had no idea where to start. Little did I know it was such a simple process."

Regarding how Vieth Consulting was able to solve our problems so we can work more efficiently and be successful, "This is not my area of expertise; however, I knew what I wanted the end product to be. Instead of me wasting time, Vieth took what little information I gave them and gave me a product that was way more than what I expected, and I was able to spend more of my time on other association needs."

The feature of the MMS that has contributed the most to our organization's success is the "members information."

Outstanding service....ALWAYS!!!

Lindsay Wright, Association Executive

Michigan Water Environment Association

We (Michigan Water Environment Association) hired Vieth Consulting to be our event and membership management software provider (web-based). They are handling our website needs as well – that is a work in progress but we are delighted with our experience to date. The owner has worked with us very well so far. He has customized his basic system to fit our needs in a very short period of time. Also, the cost has fit into our budget nicely...

Jerry Harte, Executive Director


Vieth Consulting's Membership Billing System has helped us to automate our customer billing. Our members are taking less time to pay their membership dues and in turn it has increased our Membership Revenue!

Karlyn Wickham, Executive Director


National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government

I love the NAVPLG website hosted by Vieth Consulting. It has everything a non profit organization could ever need. The Membership Management System is so easy to use and provides excellent customer service to the member. It tracks invoices, rosters, payments and so much more. Another great feature is the broadcast messages and newsletters. Start advertising and marketing like a professional organization without paying for a marketing person. Last but not least Chris Vieth and his amazing team helped me every step of the way without making me feel dumb. They speak regular language and were available to assist me whenever I needed. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more at

Kathy Cahill, President

Optometry Association of Louisiana

Before working with Vieth Consulting, we had "Lots of struggles getting our web hosting company to respond in a timely fashion, as well as the inability for us to do much editing on our end....always had to 'submit' pics, stories, etc, and wait for the web hosting company to post.

Both of the above have been more than overcome. We now have very efficient response times on any of our questions or issues and are able to seamlessly edit our website on OUR schedule, not that of the web hosting company.

Vieth Consulting has been a tremendous value to our association! It is hard to believe that we get such an awesome product, with superior customer service, at such a great price.

Robert Janot, O.D.

Michigan Recreation and Park Association

Vieth's Member Management System has helped us streamline our processes so it is much easier to send invoices, register our members for events, and broadcast information about upcoming programs. With just a few clicks we can create bulk invoices, send confirmation emails and build professional and eye-catching messages without a single line of code. Vieth has allowed us to save time and money while creating more value for our members. Vieth is a great asset, and a great value for a small organization - it does everything we need without the high price tag attached to larger member management systems.

Miranda Janzer

International Ballistics Society

This system works very well and is easy to use and has the ability to handle the details of all our members, including their payments. It is easy and intuitive to use. It has all the functionality I need and more. The support is excellent. They are quick to understand my questions and needs. Anything I have wanted has been speedily resolved. Some of the search features could be improved. Sometimes I think I have searched for all the members of a certain type, but the search has not been initiated.

Clive Woodley, President

National Birth Defects Prevention Network

We feel very fortunate to partner with Vieth Consulting. From design inception to implementation to post website launch, they have made the process easy and are always so responsive to our group's needs and requests. The quality of the work is top notch. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product within a reasonable budget.

Publications and Communications Committee Chair

Michigan Association of Health Care Recruitment

Chris, I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed working with you and getting our website up and running. You truly gave us an invaluable tool.

Liz VanDiepenbos

Eastern Shore Medical Group Managers Association

After an extensive search for a new company to redesign our organization’s web page, ESMGMA chose Vieth Consulting. The Executive Committee could not be more pleased with that decision. Vieth’s customer service, organization, and attention to detail are unmatched. They are quick and responsive, thorough and thoughtful. Truly a joy to work with. Our membership has increased 10% since we went live, all due to better communication through our new website. Organizing, promoting, and registrations for our monthly and annual meetings are so simple --- and we save hundreds of dollars because we don’t have to worry about no-shows any longer. Through our new website, all our Executive Committee members can easily see our membership detail --- and we now work from the same database instead of multiple copies of spreadsheets. We were impressed with Vieth’s service during web site development, but, we are simply amazed that we see the same level of service from them now that we are live. Impressive, Impressive, Impressive!

William Martin, MBA/CPA