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Cancer Genomics Consortium

Cancer Genomics Consortium

I've used MemberLeap since 2019. Membership database management is flexible with fields - which makes bringing in old material easy - even if you don't use it, conference and event registrations is very user friendly, we use the proposals module to solicit and grade abstracts for our medical conference. The communications (email) piece is great, and the ability to email groups within the database and within modules is also great. I LOVE the Quickbooks integration - you can match up your budget line items for automatic reporting in Quickbooks. The website module is super easy to build and maintain our web pages.

I didn't like that the events and membership modules did not talk to each other much, but MemberLeap is making strides to change that aspect. Archives are okay, but it would be great to have a way to actually share files (like in google docs or dropbox). I would like to see updated training modules to match some of the newer features. (MemberLeap Note: We just recently released a new Video Center with updated videos.)

We looked at 3-4 other products. MemberLeap had the most options for the best price and we are able to manage the entire organization with it. (We have no full -time employees). We switched from MemberClicks.

Having used other software and been in association management for more than 20 years (including assisting three other MemberLeap clients), MemberLeap is a great value. The MemberLeap team is very responsive if we have challenges, and if we can't find how to use something, they will walk us through instructions.

Karla G., Executive Director

Pennsylvania Child Care Association

MemberLeap is still working for us 5 years later. We needed an integrated system to handle all aspects of association management in one place.

MemberLeap is easy to learn and provides us with the functions we need to handle a nearly 1,000 member association. Support staff are responsive. Prior to Memberleap, our website was hacked. We were using multiple systems and products. Being able to integrate nearly everything into one system was a relief, more effective, and allowed us to be more responsive to our members.

There are a few cons - support documents are not always clear; some show videos feature previous software versions (MemberLeap Note: these videos have been updated since her review); few communications about new options or updates (MemberLeap Note: we have added an 'Updates' link in the backend of each of our clients' accounts for easy access to all of the enhancements being made to our software).

Diane B., Executive Director

Flagler Gun & Archery Club

All member data is in one place. Eliminated multiple spreadsheets.

Very quick to return answers to questions. Able to set up conference calls as we needed them.

Mike K., 2nd VP - Membership

Arizona School Administrators

The program is robust for the price point, which is great for a small nonprofit like us. It will save us countless hours with membership and conference/event management. MemberLeap was the best fit for our organization and the references were positive. The team has been very responsive and helpful. Thus far, it has been a good experience.

We have had some transitional challenges, but the team has been responsive.

Paul T., Executive Director

American Adoption Congress

We chose MemberLeap (previously Vieth Consulting) twenty two years ago, because they were the only company available who could give our organization every thing we wanted. We needed a member database which could be delineated by several categories. We needed to have a website to which we would be able to make changes to and not have everything a 'canned' product.

At the present time, I cannot think of any cons regarding this software for our organization.

We chose MemberLeap because even though Wild Apricot had a membership database system, it could not give us the delineations required by us at the time. The company we were with did not have any membership database capabilities, and also as stated all changes to the website had to go through the company, which ended up costing our organization more money.

In the twenty two years we have been working with MemberLeap there has been limited times in which I have sent in a help ticket in which I had to wait more than a day, for the answer to my problem. The people I have worked with including the creator have all been so professional. I have had nothing but a superb experience working with all of the programmers that work with MemberLeap.

Roberta M., Vice President

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

MemberLeap is easy to use and has AMAZING Customer Service!

It is very easy to use and learn. Lots of great features that really help us manage membership and training.we love using this system and we truly appreciate the staff at MemberLeap who respond so quickly and efficiently.

No complaints, but sometimes I do forget how to get back to certain reports we've created.

Christi W., Administrator

Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented & Creative

BEST Customer Service EVER! When I can't figure something out on my own by reading their HelpDesk articles/watching their instructional videos, I can email the Customer Support team and they will very quickly tell me how to fix my issue and often they just fix it for me and teach me how to do it myself next time. FAST response time with wonderful assistance.

No cons that I can think of at this time.

We switched from MemberClicks, and having used MemberLeap for TWO different organizations, I can say with confidence that MemberLeap is an awesome AMS. Our websites are beautiful, easy to navigate for the user and easy to update for administrators. Event registration is easy to set up and nice that it takes payment without sending to another website. Reports are customizable and easy to set up, download, etc. I love Memberleap. Would choose them again!

Susie T., Executive Director

American College of Correctional Physicians

MemberLeap provides reliable assistance when you need it. Provides an administrator with more than enough tools to manage content and configure processing options. We chose MemberLeap because of the excellent amount of options for our needs along with a good support group backing it all up.

What everyone likes most is being able to get quick and professional assistance with issues and questions. MemberLeap team members have always been outstanding with this and we really appreciate that!

The only downside is just the overall layout, font and style of the Admin pages. It's perfectly fine but as far as the look and feel, it's not to my own personal taste. No biggie. (MemberLeap is working with Christine to make sure they have taken advantage of the latest enhancements regarding layout, look, and feel.)

Christine W., Executive Director

South Dakota Cattlemen's Association

MemberLeap is a critical partner for our organization. The products have been easy to use, and the customer service and training have been top notch! The customer service, flexibility, value, and recommendations from other customers made MemberLeap an easy choice. So far I haven't had any issues with the software.

The overall experience has been wonderful. The staff are creative problem solvers willing to modify or create products to exactly meet our needs.

Taya R., Executive Director

Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association

We had no process before this program takes a while to load all the members information, but covers everything we need to function.

Sometimes figuring out how to access the data base to my needs, but I feel that's my fault other than the provider.

They are very quick to react to any issue that comes up, I am quite satisfied with the program.

Dave M., Treasurer

Pipeliners Association of Houston

MemberLeap Helps Volunteers Run Non-Profit Association. We are a 100% volunteer non-profit trade association with over 2,000 Members and have been happily using MemberLeap since 2017. The MemberLeap team made switching providers easy. We like that MemberLeap is strong in Member Management, Member Communication, and Event Management. A very small group of non-technical volunteers is able to manage a very professional looking website and handle all aspects of Member and Event management thanks to MemberLeap's easy to use interface. MemberLeap's customer service is very good and there is a detectable desire to serve their clients.

The only con we have experienced is the inability to issue refunds via the system through our payment gateway. Luckily we have so few refunds it is a minor inconvenience. (MemberLeap let Paul know that it varies based on the payment gateway used.) Anything else that we have found difficult has successfully been mitigated by training and assistance from the MemberLeap team. 

We switched from Cvent to MemberLeap. Cvent was strong in event management but very weak in Membership Management. For us they were extremely expensive and not responsive to our needs. While we were with them they were very acquisitive but demonstrated very little desire to improve the product they sold or to fulfill service levels for the Member Management part of their product. They were unwilling to offer customization outside of a nebulous request process which has no set schedule for implementation or even consideration of what was requested.

We have a good working relationship with MemberLeap. They offer a good overall product for Member Management, Member Communication, and Event Management at a good price. They have many more capabilities that we have not taken advantage of. When we have needs that are beyond the current capabilities of their system they work with us to do custom programming to meet our needs at a reasonable price and on a good implementation schedule. We appreciate their service, agility, and flexibility.

Paul P., Chairman, Website Committee

Conservative Party USA

Great for our volunteer based organization. The product is easy to use, but the support team is outstanding.

Embedded text features (member emails, etc.) don't show up to administrators to view them for possible editing. (Sam, the embedded text features you're referring to are the custom message verbiage options within our configuration settings, where clients can change verbiage. We'll see what we can do about making the default verbiage more visible.)

The other two software packages we used really didn't give any leeway to modify the software to our use. It's like they had a pontifical attitude abou processes.

Sam G., Chairman Emeritus

Impact100 SRQ

In March 2022 we had our Big Reveal. We got 663 members for 2022. We are the first chapter in the world to reach 500 in 4 years and we have the biggest growth rate in the world for Impact100!!!!!! So we will be giving away $663,000 in grants this year!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure we couldn’t have managed this without MemberLeap being in place!

Beth A., Technology Director

Knights of Peter Claver

My overall experience with MemberLeap is VERY Positive. Since we signed the contract, the company has been very responsive to our customization requests. We are a unique organization and the MemberLeap system was easily adaptable to our needs.

The software is easy to use. The implementation was easy. Data conversion was extremely easy as the fields were mapped to our system. We have been extremely pleased with MemberLeap since 2013. The ease of use for our membership and the smooth integration into our daily processes.

Rolanda S., Accounting Systems Consultant

Kansas City Estate Planning Symposium

“Great Product!" I love the registration platform/processing. We are a 501(c)3 without members and use this primarily for event registration and attendee communication. The event registration works very smoothly!

The bank-end is a bit overwhelming compared to other more simplified platforms like YM, Wild Apricot, etc. It is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for in the long lists of resources, etc. I feel like updating the web pages can be a bit challenging. I would like to have more template options. (MemberLeap was happy to schedule a training session with Lori to review how easy our software is to use.)

I use both of these products with other clients, but we were not really looking for a membership management system, more of a registration management platform and website interface.


Lori M., Executive Director

Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys

MemberLeap provides an outstanding experience. Product and integration was relatively easy. Support is outstanding.

The file library could be a little easier from an admin perspective.

We chose MemberLeap because of its features, capabilities and cost.


Lori T., Executive Director

Association of Airport Internal Auditors

The platform has been a game changer for our organization. We have been able to offer virtual elections, surveys, and webinars from one place - which would have been tedious previously - and essential since the COVID-19 Pandemic. Centralized Membership Roster and Billing system, Committee Portal, and communication system has helped us be more efficient - and provide a legacy of information for future officers and board members in our all-volunteer organization. We chose MemberLeap because it had all the features we wanted and more. Member Leap allowed us to update our website and add features to improve communications and recordkeeping.

Customer service and support has been amazing. Very responsive and solution orientated. Everyone is extremely professional and cares about our website.

Creating new web pages can be a little challenging at first - but becomes easier with practice. It is a trial and error type of thing - but when you get the hang of it, the results can be cool. Also, some of the Zoom interface features are still being developed, like event tracking and attendance (but Zoom site provides this information already).

Paula M., IT Coordinator

Impact100 of Northwest Florida

All of the modules are fully integrated rather than being third-party sourced, so the functions are faster and data has full integrity. The modules are also available to be turned on as needed if a phased-in approach is required. In addition, there is the ability to set up committees (aka projects) with an autonomous ability to manage internal emails, calendars, message boards and document archives exclusively and confidentially within each committee.

The administrative functions are fairly basic. Although most of the major admin functions can be assigned to a specific user which is a positive, they can't be defined by role which requires a bit of maintenance as people move around in roles. Also most admin functions are global for the organization, rather than restricted for which person or data fields they can access.

Excellent customer service reputation and lower cost for more functionality than the competition.

We converted a GoDaddy website with Wufoo for forms, Excel for membership tracking, and Constant Contact for event tracking. MemberLeap combined all of that into a sleek, easy to manage system that is extremely user-friendly. The implementation process was extremely smooth, and responses to our questions were virtually immediate. The member management system is highly customizable, and therefore fairly labor-intensive to implement, but the implementation consultant was extraordinarily responsive and helpful with ideas on what options would suit our organization best, even when it took several iterations to settle on a particular direction. It seemed we were implementing additional functionality every week, and I don't know how our organization would have been able to manage our most important function, which is to review non-profit grant applicants and award grants, during this pandemic without this system and their integrated Zoom platform. We built the website and implemented the member management system with online join/renew functionality, profile edit capability, committee signup, committee email/message boards/document archives, online forms, surveys, elections, invoicing, and online learning courses, in a rapid 4 months. Even after implementation, we are very impressed with the rapid customer response when we have questions or issues.

Kristine C., Communication Chair

National Petroleum Energy Credit Association, Inc.

Our history with Vieth Consulting’s member database platform, MemberLeap, reaches back to 2012. We were introduced to Vieth’s Conference Registration platform, Conference Leap, as early as 2014 and transitioned exclusively to ConferenceLeap 2 years later.

ConferenceLeap simply makes life easier from concept to onsite delivery. There is an array of tools available - literally at our fingertips; communications modules for invitation to our events, messaging, registration to attend the event as well as specialty sessions, breakouts and auxiliary conference activities like golf, spouse tours and more. ConferenceLeap handles all phases and components of conference registration management with ease. ConferenceLeap is integrated with MemberLeap so everything attaches to the member’s file - including billing and accounting. We are most impressed with the developers of ConferenceLeap. Their ability to anticipated everything we experience as planners is extraordinary. Case in Point; We canceled our 2020 event due to Coronavirus. Reeling from refunded conference fees and no connectivity with our members, we turned to the developers of ConferenceLeap with an idea to provide session content virtually to membership. We discovered that they had already established a relationship with Zoom and integrated the virtual meeting platform into their arsenal of useful tools. We started delivery of sessions within a week thanks to the foresight of Chris Vieth, Vieth Consulting and the ConferenceLeap team and the sessions are also recorded and available to members on demand – all because the developers anticipated our needs as planners. This, to me, is an example of technical consulting that understands the planning process but keeps looking forward. They plan for worst case scenarios.

Just as impressive as the developers are is the support behind the scene. If we get ourselves caught in something tricky their Ticket System is quick to solve any problem promptly, efficiently, and pleasantly.

We could not be in better hands.

Mike B., CAE and Francie D., CTC

Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

User-Friendly and Intuitive Product with Excellent Customer Service. MemberLeap's product is very easy to navigate. We moved from a website provider who did everything for us to one where we have much more control and access to make changes. The training sessions were very helpful and the library of other support items (videos, tutorials, text documents, etc.) is extensive.

We've not yet encountered any significant negative experiences with the software. As with any new product there are sometimes things you have to work around.

The process from the initial sale, product demonstrations for our association, and implementation has been very smooth. The MemberLeap team kept us informed during every step of the process and they've been very responsive to any inquiries we've had.

Robb C., Director, Business Development

Nevada Association of Financial Aid Administrators

MemberLeap Offers Great Service!

The implementation team was patient, kind and very helpful! For our all volunteer based organization, the support and guidance we received for implementing our new website and database was exactly what we needed!

NAFAA is not yet sure what we do and don't like, as we just implemented and are going through our first cycle.

John L., President

Austin Association of Facility & Maintenance Engineers

Great product & service! The back end is very user friendly and I love that I am able to customize areas that best fit our demographics. Billing for non-dues activities is not as intuitive as I would like for it to be. Excellent! Great support team and extremely responsive on support requests - usually same day response!

Amy A., Executive Director

National Association of Branch Campus Administrators

Professional Association Finds Great Fit in MemberLeap - We have been pleased with our transition so far and appreciate all of the tech/support staff working with us as we discover things we didn't think about before the transition. As is often the case, until we started working in and using the system, there were aspects we didn't know that we needed. The folks at MemberLeap and rep Consulting have been great about either talking us through how to use or find what already existed or helping us figure out what we need to have added. So far, it has been more of a positive experience for us. You don't always get the positive feedback, usually you only hear about complaints from clients, so NABCA wanted to give you some positives. Higher learning curve than anticipated; however, no fault of MemberLeap.

Joyce G., Executive Director

Ohio Head Start Association

MemberLeap is customized software that has the ability to meet specific needs of my organization. Being an accredited CEU provider we needed our system to be able to meet the requirements of IACET. The MemberLeap team has been wonderful working with us to ensure this is being met. The system is user friendly and it streamlined our operations.

I absolutely LOVE the event member portal!!!!   This has been wonderful to streamline our virtual and in-person meetings.   We no longer are printing packets for our in-person meetings.  This has cutdown our copy costs.   It is also a great repository for all our meeting information for our IACET accreditation. 

Amanda Y., Operations Director

Michigan District Judges Association

I could understand the functionality and I only have general technology skills. This package will enable our group of volunteer Judges to vastly increase our communication and get better organized. The calendar, message boards, and mass emails are especially helpful trying to run an organization of volunteers without an executive director.

There are a few layers to get through to create designs and some areas can be frustrating when you forget how to do something. We are beginning to create some how to videos to assist with this.

The MemberLeap team was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Only one team member wasn't as extremely friendly as all the others and lacked some follow up on our questions. We liked that they are a locally based company so we checked out their business operations.

Kirk T., District Judge

Canada Health Libraries Association and Disaster Recovery Institute Canada

MemberLeap is an Excellent Website Platform.

Customer service is exceptional and very easy to use from an administrative perspective.

There is nothing that I do not like about this software!

Perry R., President, AssociationsFirst

Mothers of North Arlington

MemberLeap - finally a solution that works and evolves with us. Great functionality, customized for us, changed as we needed. SUPER customer service. The only con - That it can't read my mind? Just kidding. There are some functions that I wish could be done in batches, not one at a time, such as approving membership applications and enabling/disabling multiple events. Our members are happy, our volunteers don't complain about the back-end, it works from mobile!

Shakti S., Membership Chair, Outings Chair

Kentucky Academy of Science

This scientific society loves MemberLeap! It does EVERYTHING I need and is really user-friendly-- membership, event registration, abstract submission, website management, email & newsletter communications, and more... and whenever I think of something I need that it doesn't do, they can almost always program it within a couple of days. They are totally terrific, and I am recommending this software to anyone who manages a professional association or scientific society.

Occasionally I want a report of some kind that I can't figure out how to get-- but I can ask them and they will help me get what I need. They are so helpful. I really can't complain.

We were using several different kinds of software before MemberLeap - one for surveys, one for the website, one for event registration, another for our communications, and another for our membership database. It was driving me crazy, and I was wasting a lot of time cutting & pasting, importing & exporting between these platforms. I am saving several hours a week in the office after streamlining everything into one system, and now I can work on projects that pertain to the mission of my organization instead of spending those hours on busy admin tasks. I did a lot of research and demos of lots of other database software, and the sales agents are pushy and annoying. MemberLeap does everything I want, they are straightforward and not pushy, and they have such a great product that they don't even advertise.

Amanda F., Executive Director

Professional Service Association


MemberLeap is the best “Bang for the Buck”! My experience with MemberLeap has been very positive. I've reviewed quite a few AM systems and hands down, MemberLeap stands head and shoulders above the rest. Far better value/price than others and rock solid dependability and awesome features, make this the best choice out there. It provides a better management and member interaction than our old website.

Their helpful support people are great! Everyone has been very willing to help.

Probably the strongest reason I like MemberLeap software is how it streamlines member management tasks. It's a real labor saver in that respect. Next is the flexibility of the software. Because all organizations are not the same, it has nearly every conceivable scenario covered and all of that is available to us through the configuration panel.

Carmine D., Vice President

University Aviation Association

MemberLeap offers an attractive front end and excellent support. All the energy is on the front-end to build. Once up and running, it is a champ. Custom set-up from beginning. Team meetings were productive. Support for migration was superb. Launch date was met. Response time is always impressive. Decreased our website/database cost by 20%, decreased our staff man-hours in the system by 25%. Easy enough to maintain that we were able to bring daily management of website back in-house.

It is not for those without some computer/database experience. Migrating from one database to another is never an easy task. That being said - MemberLeap was pretty uneventful from start to finish.

Dawn V., Executive Director

System works great and is very user friendly. Customer service is very quick to answer whenever we have any questions. It was easy to learn the system. Have not found any cons yet with this software. Vieth is always there to help when we have a question.

Laura S., Member Services Coordinator

American College of Correctional Physicians

Great! Highly recommend to other member associations. Very responsive team, easy to work with. Very user friendly for both administrative and members. Layout is nice, database is easy to use. Members appreciate the ease of use. Has cut down on my work load too. Benefits include ease of membership sign ups and renewals, easy event registrations, etc

Had some troubles with reporting functions but was not their fault. They helped by adding criteria we wanted and it works fine! I have not other cons to report.

Kelly H., Assistant Executive Director

Therapeutic Assessment Institute

The MemberLeap team was very helpful and responsive to my questions. I like its member interaction software and interface with Quickbooks. I like the videos and find that most tools are intuitive to figure out how to use. My only frustration is the amount I personally have to do since we are a small organization and do not have a webmaster.

Pamela S., Psychologist

Brentwood Homeowners Association

Great app for consolidation of data and communication for our association. Consolidated the functions of Filemaker, Constant Contact and Wordpress, making it one stop shopping! The customer service team is fast, friendly and efficient. The admin (menu) is a little complex and almost has too many functions. They need to streamline the look and font formats to make it more user friendly. The good news is they're updating everyday and take suggestions. Consolidation of several other software so only have to use one now.

Lisa R., Membership Administrator

Wyoming Optometric Association

Vieth has been a positive experience for me. I find it user friendly and easy to use. It supports my association with relevant tools without being cumbersome and overly difficult. It takes some learning to understand how to use it. But customer service and technical support is always there to help.

Cari K., Executive Director

South Dakota Optometric Society

Five stars across the board for MemberLeap. The customer support rocks. MemberLeap streamlined our office procedure and provides a professional interface for our members. MemberLeap software is totally user friendly, for both the administrator and our members. The "look" is professional. Training is very thorough. Requests for help are answered promptly. My only complaint is that my learning curve is steep! Live training sessions can be overwhelming because there is a lot of ground to cover, but there are online tutorials to help fill in the blanks.

Deb M., Executive Director

Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education

I did lots of research when switching from MemberClicks (really bad experience with them) and landed upon MemberLeap - love them! Huge value for your money and the best customer support. The admin side is confusing to use at first, but it does get easier to use by the day. From a member standpoint, things are simple and easy to find. Our website looks 100,000 times better after working with MemberLeap. Highly recommended!

Former Assistant Director and Membership Manager

DOVIA Colorado

We are a state-wide organization that provides professional development for the field of volunteer engagement through networking, idea exchanges, trainings, and an annual conference. We use this website to manage our membership, communicate with our members, and market our trainings and annual conference. The site allows for public pages and pages for member access only.

Vieth's web designers worked with us to build the site and the appropriate pages. The back end is very user friendly and intuitive. It is easy to navigate, change, add or update information. The event registration module allows complete customization. All of the modules have robust reports. The built in 'Help' system is very complete and easy to access. Their customer support is unparalleled. Email queries are answered swiftly and unlike many other web sites the staff answer the phone to help solve issues.

I would recommend this business and their talented group to any organization looking to build a new or redesign an existing site.

Sarah C.

Crane Certification Association of America

Our biggest challenge with managing our website and membership was 'funneling all membership information into one system.' MemberLeap helped solve this problem with its 'membership management tool and integration of QuickBooks.' With regard to the development process, 'I felt like the agents were very responsive to my needs and were very receptive to my suggestions. Easy to work with.

Jesse K.

The old website was very difficult to edit. Information was outdated and in many cases impossible to change. In addition, there was no membership management tool. All communications had to be done through outside sources.

Updating the website is easy! Communicating with members is easy! Love the design, love the service!

Everyone at Vieth has been very helpful, very responsive and incredibly professional.

Former Executive Director

Michigan Downtown Association

Our biggest challenge was consolidating about five different online pages/sites with membership info and benefits into one site. Basically managing all of our member info in one area. Vieth consolidated all of our various pages/sites -- email, a members forum, members roster and more -- to one site.

The customer service at Vieth has been stellar. The online video tutorials are a great help, too. Great company to work with; answers questions promptly; easy to follow instructions and prompts.

Pros of their system include: ease of use; functionality; customer-friendly; customizable; includes needed and necessary functions to provide our members with the information they need.

Web designs could be a bit more fluid and less static. Still, the design is a customizable template and is easy to use. I would like to see unique design features.

Tiffany S.

International Association for Continuing Engineering Education

Thank you to the entire Vieth team for working with IACEE over the years. Your responsiveness, insights and quality are wonderful and together makes for a great team.

Nelson B., Ph.D., Past President and Secretary General

Greater Texoma Association of Realtors

Our biggest challenge with managing our website and membership was that "I knew nothing and had no idea where to start. Little did I know it was such a simple process."

Regarding how Vieth Consulting was able to solve our problems so we can work more efficiently and be successful, "This is not my area of expertise; however, I knew what I wanted the end product to be. Instead of me wasting time, Vieth took what little information I gave them and gave me a product that was way more than what I expected, and I was able to spend more of my time on other association needs."

The feature of the membership management system that has contributed the most to our organization's success is the "members information."

Outstanding service....ALWAYS!!!

Lindsay W., Association Executive

Michigan Water Environment Association

We (Michigan Water Environment Association) hired Vieth Consulting to be our event and membership management software provider (web-based). They are handling our website needs as well – that is a work in progress but we are delighted with our experience to date. The owner has worked with us very well so far. He has customized his basic system to fit our needs in a very short period of time. Also, the cost has fit into our budget nicely...

Jerry H., Executive Director


Vieth Consulting's Membership Billing System has helped us to automate our customer billing. Our members are taking less time to pay their membership dues and in turn it has increased our Membership Revenue!

Former Executive Director

National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government

I love the NAVPLG website hosted by Vieth Consulting. It has everything a non profit organization could ever need. The Membership Management System is so easy to use and provides excellent customer service to the member. It tracks invoices, rosters, payments and so much more. Another great feature is the broadcast messages and newsletters. Start advertising and marketing like a professional organization without paying for a marketing person. Last but not least Chris Vieth and his amazing team helped me every step of the way without making me feel dumb. They speak regular language and were available to assist me whenever I needed. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more at

Kathy C., President

Optometry Association of Louisiana

Before working with Vieth Consulting, we had "Lots of struggles getting our web hosting company to respond in a timely fashion, as well as the inability for us to do much editing on our end....always had to 'submit' pics, stories, etc, and wait for the web hosting company to post.

Both of the above have been more than overcome. We now have very efficient response times on any of our questions or issues and are able to seamlessly edit our website on OUR schedule, not that of the web hosting company.

Vieth Consulting has been a tremendous value to our association! It is hard to believe that we get such an awesome product, with superior customer service, at such a great price.

Robert J., O.D.

International Ballistics Society

This system works very well and is easy to use and has the ability to handle the details of all our members, including their payments. It is easy and intuitive to use. It has all the functionality I need and more. The support is excellent. They are quick to understand my questions and needs. Anything I have wanted has been speedily resolved. Some of the search features could be improved. Sometimes I think I have searched for all the members of a certain type, but the search has not been initiated.

Clive W., President

National Birth Defects Prevention Network

We feel very fortunate to partner with Vieth Consulting. From design inception to implementation to post website launch, they have made the process easy and are always so responsive to our group's needs and requests. The quality of the work is top notch. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product within a reasonable budget.

Publications and Communications Committee Chair

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