NOTE: This tool will provide an estimate of what a website and AMS solution will cost. It's possible, given your association's requirements, the costs might be less or more. Please contact us to have one of our consultants work with you to provide a solution that fits your budget and needs.

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Set Up Costs

Number of Pages to Migrate
This is the number of pages of content on your current website that we will move over to your new site.
If you plan on doing this yourself, enter 0.
Number of Records to Convert
This is the number of members, prospects, and other records we will load into the system for you.
If you plan on doing this yourself, enter 0.

Click here for more info on template websites. With a template, you are limited in the amount of flexibility to make changes within the scope of the package; but for many organizations this is a great option to save money. The alternative is a fully custom designed website.
Mobile App Option

Ongoing Costs

Number of Members
Monthly pricing is based on the number of full-members (paying members) that you have in your organization.

Estimate Info

Website/Setup Plan:

Monthly Plan:

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