Event Management

Successfully manage your events and tradeshows, both in-person and virtual

Whether you are organizing a small meeting, major convention, or virtual conference; our event management tools allow you to offer online registration and payment. You can set up the registration form to include a variety of custom fields, collecting information such as session selections, meal options, and additional information. During the event, you can use the system to check in attendees, and use a variety of standard and custom reports to aid your procedures. You also have an option to manually enter registrants who mail in payment or phone in their registration info. For virtual events, you can use our interface with Zoom to host your webinars for your attendees.

Event Attendee Features

The heart of the event registration module is the ability to build a form that registrants can easily fill out online to register for the event. Our module gives you great flexibility in offering a registration tailored to your event and your members.
  • Event Packages
  • Member Versus Non-Member Options
  • Discount Codes
  • Member Tokens
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Cut-off Dates
  • Early Bird Discounts
  • Member Registration Integration
  • Prospect List Integration
  • Online Payments
  • Banquet/Table Registration
  • File Uploads
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Verbiage
  • Public, Members Only, or Invitation Only
  • Waitlist

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Virtual Events & Zoom Interface

Our event management platform is a full-featured virtual solution to help you in planning, registration, and implementation of your virtual events utilizing our robust event registration in conjunction with our Zoom interface, which provides an easy way to integrate your events with Zoom's session links.

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Event Attendee Portal

All of your attendees can access an event attendee portal on their laptops or mobile apps with the Attendee Confirmation Code provided in their emails. This portal includes general information about the event (sponsors, presenter bios, session information, changes in presenters or sessions, etc.), general itinerary with session links or personalized itinerary with session links, easy access to change registration information, attendee list, and interactive surveys.
event portal

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Event Navigation Bar

You can create multiple event webpages in the content manager (general information on a landing page, call for proposals, presenters, sessions, sponsors, venue, etc., and then redirect an event URL to the landing page. A secondary navigation bar will display on all event webpages with links to all of the other webpages that relate to the event, including event or exhibitor registration. There is an additional initial setup cost for this feature based on your specific needs.

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Tradeshow / Exhibit Booths

For tradeshows, we offer a sophisticated feature that allows vendors to sign up for booth space via an interactive map.
  • Booth Map
  • Vendor Info Collection
  • Booth Map Editor
  • Booth Registration Management
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Attendance Tracking

Our system has multiple features to keep track of who attends your events and what they participate in over time.
  • Event Registration Attendance
  • Session Check-in
  • CEU/CEC Tracking
  • Calendar Attendance
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Event Mobile App

We offer a powerful and unique event mobile app solution, which allows your members quick and easy access to information during your events. When your members attend your events, this is a great way to provide interactive solutions and deliver information during a busy conference.

  • Digital Business Card / Lead Retrieval - Allows logged in members to scan Member QR Code IDs from other members like a digital business card to easily capture their contact information, which can then be exported

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Event Task Management

You can create, assign, and manage tasks for your events, i.e. open call for proposals, select presenters, secure event location, find a caterer, solicit sponsors, etc.


To aid you in preparing for and running the event, many features are included to report on attendee data.
  • Attendee Reporting
  • Name Badges / Labels
  • Sign-In Sheets
  • Payment/Invoice Reports
  • Data Export
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Admin Features

Several features exist to make administration easy; before, during, and after the event.
  • Attendee Management
  • Recurring Events
  • Billing/Collections Tools
  • Admin-Only Data Fields
  • Copying Events
  • Event Categories
  • Fast Check-in Tools
  • Attendance Tracking
  • CEU/CEC tracking
  • Event Admin Permissions
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Attendee Communication

Built-in, effective communication can make events run smoothly.
  • Broadcast Email Messaging
  • Invitation Emails - schedule invites to be sent out at a later date
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Reminder Emails
  • Broadcast Text Messaging
  • Event Surveys
  • vCalendar File (add-to-calendar link)
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Call for Proposals

Before your events, if you also conduct a 'call for proposals, a 'call for presenters' or a 'call for articles' in preparation for your conference, convention, or publication, MemberLeap offers an extensive modulethat allows potential presenters to submit their proposals online. After which, you can organize committees to screen and rate the proposal to make a selection.

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Volunteer Management

In order for an event to be successful, it usually takes a lot of volunteers. You can set up volunteer sessions, opportunities, and time slots available for your members to easily register for, track volunteer hours, assign volunteer coordinators, and run various reports.

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