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MemberLeap has almost 60 modules to help your member-based organization or association efficiently streamline your administrative day-to-day operational processes.

  • Watching our informative videos below at your convenience is a great way to learn how our software can assist you.
  • If you have any questions, our consultants look forward to hearing from you, so we can further discuss how MemberLeap can meet your organization's specific needs.

MemberLeap Overview

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This introductory video about MemberLeap will provide you with an overview about our many features and their respective benefits. 

Below you will find more detailed videos covering different topics, and the videos shown on the right are more generalized information pieces about the modules and features.

System Videos

It is important to familiarize yourself with how some of the structural backend features function.


Member Management/Database

Our software is built around a core database that lets you efficiently manage your members and track your prospects as well as your interactions with them.


Membership Billing

Our billing system is a powerful tool that can automate nearly all of your member billing procedures that you would previously have done manually or not at all, like membership renewals, batch renewals, automated reporting for accounting, etc.


Effective communication is key to creating strong membership relationships by informing your members of current industry news as well as encouraging engagement. 



Engagement is an important metric to be aware of, and our system offers some aspects that you can use to help keep your membership more engaged.


Website Content Management

Our high-grade website hosting services offer available processing power and bandwidth to reliably display your professional webpages during bursts of online traffic.

We may be the ones that build the websites, but you as admins are the ones that will be able to control the content on the site after you go live.  


Event Registration

If you want to make registration easier for your members and any interested non-members, our robust event system can help you successfully plan your in person and virtual events - the real revenue maker of most organizations

Mobile App

Our powerful and unique mobile app solution offers both membership features and event tools (including our event attendee portal for both member and non-members) as well as an opportunity for your admins to send push notifications to your members.


Our software offers a variety of reporting tools as well as the ability for admins to create custom reports based on your own criteria.


Call For Proposals

Every conference begins with finding the perfect speakers. Our module will help you streamline all the steps of the process - creating the topics, speaker submissions, committee screening and scoring, final acceptances and rejections, and lastly, creating a conference program.


Volunteer Management

If you have events that you would like to offer volunteering opportunities for, our module allows admins to create sessions and time slots as well as track their hours.


You can invite members as well as interested non-members to make donations to your organization - whether a simple one time donation or recurring donations.


Online Learning Management System

If you offer courses for your members and interested non-members as well as certifications, our online learning module can help you create self-guided classes and certifications.


Online Store

If you want to have a store front, our online store offers an opportunity to sell merchandise as well as downloadable content.