Video Center

MemberLeap Overview

Short overview video of what MemberLeap offers for association admins.

Members Area /
Member Experience

Demonstration of how the members area can be tailored to the needs of the members.

Event Registration

Allow for online registration and payment for conferences and conventions.

Virtual Meetings / Zoom

Conduct virtual events and conferences.

Member Database

Manage a database of members, prospects, and other contacts.


Create reports, print labels, and export data based on powerful query tools.

Member Billing

Process membership renewals, track dues payments, and more.

Quickbooks Interface

Push invoice and payment data into QuickBooks online/desktop.

[Video to be Released Soon]

Website Content Management

Update content on your website.

Broadcast Email

Send out mass-email to your members and prospects.


Conduct fundraising for your association.

Online Learning

Allow for self-guided learning, track continuing education credits and certification.

Call for Proposals

Allow for submission of proposals, screen submissions, and systematically give ratings.

[Video to be Released Soon]

More Videos

Several videos, many of which are older and show older versions of our UI/UX,  are available here.