Chapter Management

Sync Chapter Data to the National Organization

Chapters who require their own MemberLeap accounts (initial setup costs and monthly fees below apply)
When a National Organization has Chapters who require their own payment gateways to accept new member dues, dues renewals, event registration fees, donations, store purchases, etc. and/or Chapters who require their own complex event registration, we can setup each Chapter with their own MemberLeap account and offer our Chapter Management option to sync select Chapter data up to the National Organization's account allowing National Admins an opportunity to view select data across all Chapters and broadcast email communications to all members across all Chapters.

Chapters using Projects/Committees module (no additional costs and fees)
If your Chapters don't require their own payment gateways and doesn't host complex events, our Projects/Committees Module (renamed Chapters and Committees) will allow each Chapter a place to manage their own Chapter members, communicate with them, house their own documents, display their own calendar events, engage through their own message boards, etc.

Regardless of which option the National Organization selects above, they are required to designate at least one National Admin to assist the Chapter Admins during the initial Chapter development process and then provide first line customer service support for the Chapter Admins and their members going forward.

National Organization
Initial Setup Costs

Custom Website and MemberLeap Configuration
  • Our design experts will work one-on-one with you to develop a professional website that is tailor-made to fit the National Organization’s specific needs
  • Five website package options to choose from
Optional Integration with Existing Website (Membership Website)
  • If the National organization already has a website, we can configure a Membership Website for members to access the Member Portal
  • Four integration package options to choose from
$600 Chapter Configuration Package
  • Provide National Admins with easy access tools to each Chapter's account via one username and password
  • Add a Chapter dropdown (pick org) menu in the databases for ease of searching between Chapters
  • Configure a National Dashboard whereby a National Admin can control a content area similar to the Member Dashboard that would be globally displayed on each Chapter's membership portal
$800 Sync Member Data
  • Configure the National account to receive the Chapter data sync or configure the Chapter accounts to receive the National data
  • Sync simple member data (name, address, phone, email, join date, and Chapter)

National Organization
Monthly MemberLeap Plans and Fees

MemberLeap Plan Features (each plan includes online payments)
  • Silver MemberLeap Plan 
  • Gold MemberLeap Plan (includes some advanced features)
  • Platinum MemberLeap Plan (includes all advanced features)
Monthly MemberLeap Fees
  • Based on the MemberLeap Plan selected above and the total collective number of all Chapter records requiring usernames and passwords

Initial Setup Costs - Template Website Package

$350 Template Website
  • We will create a mobile-friendly template website for the Chapters, which will include the National Organization's logo, tagline, and Chapter name in the header, and the colors will be customized to match the National Organization's branding
  • Each Chapter's contact information can be added to the footer
  • Each Chapter will be assigned its own subdomain (example, 
Optional $350 Integration with Existing Website (Membership Portal Only)
  • If a Chapter already has a website, we can configure a Membership Website for members to access the Member Portal
Initial Loading of Content
  • We will populate each Chapter's new template website with up to 5 pages of new content or migrate content from an existing site utilizing our Content Management System
  • The National Admins will train Chapter Admins on how to populate the remaining pages, or we can provide a quote to do these remaining pages.  
Basic Website Hosting Package 
  • It accommodates most organization's needs - 8 GB of storage and 20 domain-based email accounts ( with web-based access or with optional email forwarding.  
Member Data Conversion 
  • The Chapter's current member data (limited to one file (CSV, XLS, or TXT) with one tab with up to 50 fields/columns) will be converted and loaded into the database. There is an extra setup cost for files with more than 50 fields wide, and this fee is determined after analyzing a sample of the data.  
Default MemberLeap Configuration
  • We will configure each Chapter's account with our basic default settings; however, we will configure each Chapter's member plans and membership billing to accommodate the data syncs. 
Payment Processing 
  • In order for each Chapter to offer online payments for new member dues, renewal dues, event registration fees, donations, and store purchases, each Chapter will need to have a credit card merchant account or PayPal account. Supported payment gateways are included in this package; otherwise, there will be an extra cost to integrate with a new provider.
  • Chapter Admins will have full access to an extensive online help system and various training videos to help them learn how to use our software.
  • The designated National Admin(s) will serve as the first line of support to assist Chapter Admins with their MemberLeap accounts.
Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Since SEO is a complex topic, an effective long-term optimization strategy can be time-intensive. We can tailor this strategy to each Chapter's unique needs. We will set up the new template website with Google Analytics as well as the initial search engine registration.  
    • Optional Basic SEO Service - This includes a simple click and click-through report as well as keywords and search phrases being used on each of the webpages. 
    • Optional Advanced SEO Analysis - We will provide a detailed monthly report of the search engine rankings with recommended strategies to improve your results as well as an ongoing monthly search engine ranking report.
Optional Mobile Application
  • Each Chapter can offer its members easy access to content powered by MemberLeap on iOS through iTunes and Android through Google Play.
    • $1,400 - It will be branded to the National Organization's logo and colors and include each Chapter's name.    
  • Push Notifications: If your Chapters want the push notification feature, there will be an additional $300 initial setup cost per Chapter.
  • Apple Developer Membership Program - $99 per year membership fee
    Someone in your organization with an Apple ID will be required to enroll your organization in Apple's Developer Program. There is a $99 per year membership fee for this program; however, if your organization is a non-profit, accredited educational institution, or government entity, you might qualify for their fee waiver program.
  • Platinum MemberLeap Plan includes the extra $15 monthly fee per Chapter to cover maintenance and customer support as well as basic upgrade requirements. This monthly fee applies if another MemberLeap plan is selected.  

Monthly MemberLeap Plans and Fees

  • Each plan includes online payments and various features and benefits.
  • These monthly fees include backups and data sync fees.
  • This pricing is only available when the National Organization pays for the total collective number of all Chapter records, and the pricing is based on the number of Chapter records requiring usernames and passwords.
  • Alternatively, if each Chapter will be responsible for paying for their own MemberLeap plan fees, a Membership Solution Consultant can provide individual pricing.
Silver MemberLeap PlanStarting at $50 per month per Chapter
Gold MemberLeap Plan (includes some advanced features)Starting at $80 per month per Chapter
Platinum MemberLeap Plan (includes all advanced features)Starting at $120 per month per Chapter
If you have a large number of Chapters, we can have a conversation about discounting this pricing.
This pricing is in US dollars.