NEW Advanced Donation Features

Our updated donations module offers the following advanced features and reports, and it is offered in the Platinum MemberLeap Plan or as an add-on to the Silver or Gold MemberLeap Plans for an additional $25 per month charge.

Simplified Process - All donation information is gathered on one simplified page.

Donor Tracking - Allow member to enter their email address instead of logging in to track donation back to associated member record. 

Recurring Donations - Option to establish recurring monthly donations ( payment gateway with a CIM setup required).

Individual Campaigns - Create separate fundraising funds to allow donors to target donations to a particular campaign.

Donation Reporting - Generate reports based on the following criteria:
  • Donor: All or an individual
  • Campaign: Any or a specific fund
  • Minimum Amount Donated
  • Maximum Amount Donated
  • Begin Date
  • End Date
Generated reports include:
  • Graph pinpointing each donation's date and amount
  • Total Donation Amount
  • CSV download
  • List of donations, which can be sorted by date, first name, last name, email, campaign, and amount

Watch Donations Video
Our basic Donations Module originally contained features that allows an association to conduct various fundraising activities.

Online Donations - Allows for online fundraising, so donors can make online payments or pledges.

Donor Tracking - Connect donations to individual members (login required) and contacts within your database. 

Donation Types - Choose between Simple Donation (default), Memoriam, In Honor of, and Bequest.

Memoriam Note - This label can be changed by an admin, so you collect details about who their donations are being made in honor of. 

Purpose of Donation - Donors can include a note about their donation.

Amount of Gift - You can establish pre-selected amounts for donors to choose from or they can enter any dollar amount.

Goal Tracking Thermometer Graphic - Post a thermometer graphic on your website to illustrate progress towards a fundraising goal.

Sponsorship Packages - Set up pre-arranged amounts in a wish list format allowing donors to select gold, silver, and platinum packages, etc.

Anonymous Donors - Allow donors to anonymously give, which also excludes them from mass emails, marketing campaigns, etc.

Wish List - Unique feature where if your organization is looking for particular materials (desks, office supplies, t-shirts), this can be posted using the wish list, allowing donors to donate product as well as money.

Custom Confirmation/Thank you - Customize the verbiage in the thank you email that is sent to a donor after they have make their donations.