Event Registration Admin Features

Several features exist to make administration easy; before, during, and after the event
  • Attendee Management - You can not only view what each attendee has chosen, but you can change their options, add new ones, enter payments, and even manually add attendees.
  • Recurring Events - For monthly or other periodic events, the system can be set up to copy the event information automatically, making maintenance much easier.
  • Billing/Collections Tools - Several tools can be used to follow-up with registrants that have not paid fees. These include past due reports, invoice reports, and others. You can get this information about a single event, or you can do cross-event reporting.
  • Admin-Only Data Fields - Admins can keep track of different pieces of admin-side information on each registrant, hidden from the registrant's eye (i.e. attendance at event, hotel room number assignments, exhibitor booth space number, etc).
  • Copying Events - You can make a copy of an event and then just update it for the following year. If you have a major conference each year that has a lot of fields and packages, you are able to make a copy of it and use that as a starting point for a new event, saving time on data entry and event set up.
  • Event Categories - if managing lot of events, you can organize them by category.
  • Fast Check-in Tools - The system includes a variety of features to allow for speedy check-in of registrants.  This includes
    • A set of screens designed for fast-search of attendees
    • Attendee-self-check-in to events and event-sessions via QR code scanning with the mobile app
    • QR code scanning of attendee badges by admins via the mobile app
    • USB bar code scanning of check-in documents
    • "Speed-Swipe" - a unique credit-card-based quick registration for simple events (low-dollar socials/mixers, where it's important to keep the line moving)
  • Attendance Tracking - You can keep track of who has attended the event or sessions within the event (not just signed up).
  • CEC/CEU tracking - Keep track of continuing education credits, tied to sessions within an event.  Much flexibility is available for this feature, contact us for more information.
  • Event Admin Permissions - Admins have full access to everything in the module. But, you can grant members 'partial admin access' to specific events without making them a full admin.