Product Page - The Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex
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The Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex
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Parents play a critical role in ensuring the sexual health and safety of their children.  Professionals working in child maltreatment are in a unique position to support parents  to fulfill  this  role, and Dr. Rosenzweig’s books are written to help you do just that.  Chapters focus on anatomy, physiology, psychosexual development,  family and community influences, communications skills, and  more.  Material is illustrated with cases  from Dr. Rosenzweig’s experience and  are made real through stories from participants  in focus groups. This book includes resource  material suitable to use in parenting groups including medical illustrations formatted for copying, questionnaires and checklists. The entire price of each book is donated to APSAC. 

Appropriate for undergraduate text. Educators may sent a request for a desk copy from a .edu email account to