Congratulations! You’ve Recruited a New Member! Now What?

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Congratulations! You’ve Recruited a New Member! Now What?

Welcome to our New MembersDoes your organization have a formal onboarding process when a new member joins? Have you created a video that walks them through the member portal and all the resources available to them? 

To start with, our Project Manager will help you craft a welcome email that will be automatically sent to your new members when they join, and it will include their usernames and passwords to access the member portal. It should also consist of a bulleted list of all of the valuable resources and tools they will find in the portal, such as member directory, news, documents, calendar, events, learning management courses, etc.

Celebrate your new members by announcing them to the rest of your membership by posting a list on your website as well as in your newsletters, social media blasts, and push notifications. Get personal by scheduling regular informal networking opportunities that new members can attend to meet each other and interact with your staff and board members. It would also be nice to invite and honor some of your key long-time members, who can share their rich experiences with your new members. 

Keep the touches going! Using our platform, you can set admin reminders for your executive team to reach out to new members a couple of days after they join and then maybe again in a couple of weeks to see if they have accessed key resources and found their way around the member portal. Perhaps a month after they join, you could consider sending a quick survey through our platform to ask about the onboarding process and how to improve it as well as their overall thoughts about your organization's resources. 

You can also put new members in an automated drip marketing program triggered by their new membership that includes pre-populated content about your mission, upcoming events, and additional resources available to them in the portal. 

Successfully engaging with your new members is the best way to ensure they feel that their recent involvement in your organization is valued.