Event Mobile App

Unlike a lot of other software vendors, we offer a powerful and unique Mobile App solution, which allows your members quick and easy access during your events to various modules within MemberLeap. Our Mobile App is designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and they provide members with direct access to the modules within MemberLeap.

We offer a push notification feature where an Admin can send messages directly to your member's mobile devices as message alerts, badge updates, or sound alerts. This is a great way to share pertinent information with members who are attending your events (room changes, meeting reminders, etc.)

They are available for download for Android through Google Play and for Apple through iTunes. You can see how our test mobile app functions at mobile.pastrychefsofamerica.org, or you can download the app for Android or Apple.

We will brand your Mobile App to your association's logo and colors as well as fill it with the features your members need. You can control which content is installed on your app.

  • 1-2-3 Registration - Allows members to quickly register for events
  • Calendar - Calendar of Events, list format
  • Contact Us - Display organization contact us information
  • Email Registration Link - Quickly email new member registration link
  • Event Registration Admin Check In - Admins can scan an attendee's QR code to check them into sessions and record attendance, or check them in for the overall event
  • Event Registration Attendee Check In - Members can scan QR codes at event sessions and record their attendance
  • Event Registration Attendee List - Members can see a list of the attendees for the event
  • Event Registration My Schedule - Members can see an itinerary of the sessions that a member has signed up for
  • Event Registration Schedule - Members can see an itinerary of all of the sessions for a given event that are available
  • Event Registration Surveys - Members can see a list of all the interactive event surveys a member can participate in
  • Feedback - Allow users to send feedback about the mobile app
  • File Archive - Access to various event documents
  • Forms - Forms created in the Forms Builder module
  • Links - To any webpage on the internet or system link in our system
  • Member Contact Info - Display an individual member's contact info
  • Member Directory - Public Members Directory
  • Member Map - Directional display from current position to a specific member
  • Member Map (all) - Displays a map with all members with valid geolocations plotted
  • Member Prospect Entry - A form that allows a member to add a prospect
  • Membership Card - Membership Card
  • Message Board - Allows members to access and post on the message boards during events
  • News View - Public display for news items related to the event
  • Pass A Referral - Pass referral to members
  • Photo Gallery - Allow access to all volumes and allow logged in users the ability to upload photos
  • Photo Tour - Display a single photo volume, perhaps related to a current event
  • Press Release Creation - Allows members to post new press releases
  • Press Release View - Public display for press releases
  • Prospect Form - A form that allows non-members to add themselves as a prospect
  • Push Notifications - Send messages directly to your member's mobile devices as message alerts, badge updates, or sound alerts; great for sharing information with members at your events (PLEASE NOTE: This feature requires an additional $300 initial setup cost)
  • Social Network - Allows access to your organization's social network where members can chat during events

You can also add links to any webpage or system links created by our system.