Member Directories

Member Directory and Publishing

  • Member Directory - there are several varieties of directories, which can be published on the public side of your website, within the members-only area, or not published at all.; highly flexible formatting.
  • Custom Directories - if you have specific needs, let us know.  We can build a custom directory that satisfies your requirements.
  • Total Privacy Control - optionally publish directories - public, members only, or not at all. If you do publish a directory, offer your members the ability to hide their phone, fax, email, address, or whole record if they so choose.
  • Data Exporting - member data can be exported from the system in a comma-delimited format for use in other software packages.
  • Categories - typically for business-organization, assign members to particular categories, based on industry; great way to group members and prospects so you can use our communication tools to connect with them.
  • Product Types - for business organizations, allow members to identify what products/services they offer and include this in a member directory.