Volunteer Management

Many member-based organizations rely on volunteers to help manage their day-to-day administrative processes as well as events.  Managing volunteers can be a difficult task, but MemberLeap can assist at all levels of this.

Managing Volunteer Lists

The member database isn't just for members... it can be used to keep track of volunteers as well.  With custom fields to collect all the information you need, the database will allow you to manage a volunteer list that can be used to contact members about volunteer opportunities

Staying in Touch

Broadcast messaging, electronic newsletters, and broadcast text messages are available to allow you to get the word out about upcoming volunteering opportunities.  In addition, a built-in CRM can allow you to track your individual contacts with volunteers and make sure you can keep up with a more personal touch with individual volunteers.

Assessing Interests and Skills

MemberLeap includes a survey module that can be used to periodically survey your volunteers/members to see what their interests are in volunteering with your organizations.  Similarly, you can find out what special skills and cerifications your volunteers have; if applicable for given volunteer opportunity.

Handling Volunteer Sign-up

The volunteer management module is an efficient way for admins offer volunteering opportunities and make sure you have your commitments met.
  • Track volunteers for your events
  • Track long-term volunteer credit hours over numerous events
  • Allow volunteers to
    • sign up to volunteer at events
    • view their volunteering schedule
    • run reports on their volunteering involvement
The volunteer sessions are created and tied to an event in your calendar. The session has a begin and end date as well as an assigned volunteer coordinator. Within the session, you may create as many volunteer opportunities as you wish. Each opportunity can then have as many time slots as you need.  

Tracking Volunteer Hours

Earned credit hours can be used towards a discount on member plans.

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