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Your HOA can benefit from MemberLeap's features

MemberLeap is a powerful member management software system that includes many cloud-based modules and their respective features that can assist you in efficiently managing your day-to-day HOA operational needs, so you can successfully achieve your communities' goals. Our property management software also serves condo associations, communities, lake associations, boating communities, neighborhoods, student housing, clubs, societies, private landlords, co-op buildings, resorts, campgrounds, etc.

HOA neighborhood

Membership Management

Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
Member Database
Optional Private Member Directory/Search (Find a 'Member')
Membership Interest Form (Contact Us Form)
Online Member Portal Area
Member Data Conversion
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Quick Reports and Custom Reporting
  Membership Billing
  Online Payments
    QuickBooks Interface

Website Content Management

Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
Website Content Manager
Slideshow Manager
File Archive
Video Manager
Forms Builder
Photo Album Editor
Classified Ads
Links Page Editor
  Member Press Releases

Website Hosting

Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
Basic Website Hosting
    Advanced Hosting Plans


Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
Broadcast Email Message
News Manager/Blog
  Drip Marketing
  Newsletter Editor
  Community Posts
  Message Boards/Forums
  Email List Service Manager
  Social Networking Tool (MultiPost)
  Projects / Committee Management(including Board of Directors Management)
  RSS Feeds
  Resource Reservations
    Broadcast Text Message

Event Management

Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
Calendar of Events
  Event Registration
  Attendance Tracking
    Volunteer Management


Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
  Online Donations
  Online Store

Mobile Applications

Silver Gold Platinum Features and Benefits
    Advanced Mobile App
Pricing effective January 1, 2016, subject to change.

HOA Monthly MemberLeap Lease Fees

After deciding which MemberLeap plan above your HOA can most benefit from, you can then determine your monthly MemberLeap lease fee based on this plan in conjunction with the total number of member records requiring usernames and passwords in your database.

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HOA Initial Website Setup Costs

We offer several website packages to fit any size HOA.

BRONZE LEVEL: If your organization has less than 200 members and you don't need a payment gateway, you might want to consider our affordable Association Website Templates that feature a Bronze level, which is designed to meet small associations’ essential needs.

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